37 Homemade Animal Costumes (2023)

One thing I love about DIY animal costumes is that my kids use them all year long for pretend play. I’m totally ok spending extra time making DIY costumes knowing the costume will be enjoyed all year round. If you have an animal lover on your hands, this list of 37 DIY animal costumes for kids and adults covers all the bases from farm animal costumes to zoo animal costumes and everything in between. Oh and I love the idea of a group family zoo costume! Anyone?

37 Homemade Animal Costumes (1)

Farm Animal Costumes

A farm theme is perfect for a family costume or a trunk or treat idea. Adults can go as farmers with overalls and red bananas and then pick a few of these animal costumes for the kids. Or if you have a tractor lover on your hands, this cardboard box tractor costume is a fun one too!

1. Chicken

Does it get any cuter than a baby chicken? The answer is no! This DIY chicken costume was made with 2 white feather boas and 2 sets of yellow rubber gloves. For more details, check out Living the Swell Life.

37 Homemade Animal Costumes (2)

2. Cow

What’s a farm without the cows! Here’s an easy, no sew cow costume that anyone can make in 30 minutes. For the complete tutorial check out Make It and Love It.

3. Horse

This adorable, creative diy horse costume is made from a cardboard box! Don’t miss this hot pink cardboard box horse over at Kid Stuff World too.

37 Homemade Animal Costumes (3)

4. Pig

This pig costume includes a tutu which is always extra cute! Just add ears and a snout to a light pink hoodie for an adorable, easy pic costume. For the complete tutorial check out Spot of Tea Designs.37 Homemade Animal Costumes (4)

5. Sheep

This no sew sheep costume is adorable! Just hot glue cotton balls to a white hoodie and cut the sleeves off of the hoodie! For the complete tutorial, check out This Lovely Life.

37 Homemade Animal Costumes (5)

6. Bunny

All you need for a bunny costume is a white leotard, a white tutu, and bunny ears! My daughter insisted on carrying am Easter basket as her candy bag and told everyone she was the Easter Bunny! (Here is the white leotard and bunny accessories my daughter is wearing.)

37 Homemade Animal Costumes (6)

7. Spider

A spider is not a typical farm animal, but I had to include in this section in honor of Charlotte’s web. How cute would Charlotte and Wilbur be as a sibling costume? For the complete spider tutorial, check out Pretty Providence.

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37 Homemade Animal Costumes (7)

Zoo Animal Costumes

8. Flamingo

This pink flamingo costume might be my favorite animal costume on the list! All you need are pink boas, felt, sheets of foam, and a hot glue gun! For a step by step tutorial, check out this DIY flamingo costume post.

37 Homemade Animal Costumes (8)

9. Panda

This panda bear baby costume is super simple to make and involves very little sewing. You can ditch the sewing for hot glue if you’d like! Check out C.R.A.F.T. for the DIY panda bear costume.

37 Homemade Animal Costumes (9)

10. Crocodile

Turn a long narrow cardboard box into a crocodile head with this simple tutorial from Evil Mad Scientist.

37 Homemade Animal Costumes (10)

11. Fox

For a detailed fox costume tutorial, check out Taylor Made Creates.

37 Homemade Animal Costumes (11)

12. Moose

How cute is this tiny moose? And how smart is it to use gloves as moose antlers? For the full tutorial, check out the House of Paint.

37 Homemade Animal Costumes (12)

Safari Animal Costumes

13. Elephant

This elephant costume was specifically made to look like Gerald from Piggie and Elephant. My family loves that duo so much we made Elephant and Piggie pumpkins last year! This costume does involve sewing with a pattern but it would be fun for imaginative play all year long! For the complete tutorial, hop on over to Larissa Another Day.

37 Homemade Animal Costumes (13)

14. Lion

This DIY lion costume is adorable and best of all, it’s a no sew costume! Check out the complete tutorial on Night Owl Blog.

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37 Homemade Animal Costumes (14)

15. Giraffe

I love that this mama incorporated her daughter’s fore arm crutches into her giraffe costume! For more pictures and details about the costume check out A Life Less Ordinary.

37 Homemade Animal Costumes (15)

Under the Sea Costumes

16. Shark

This DIY shark costume is made out of a large piece of cardboard and paint. I attached a reusable grocery bag handle to the back of the shark so my son could easily hold the shark. Click here for moreDIY shark costumedetails.

37 Homemade Animal Costumes (16)


A clear umbrella with streamers attached is the key to this adorable DIY jellyfish costume made by Mariah from Giggles Galore.

37 Homemade Animal Costumes (17)


It doesn’t get much cuter than a baby octopus costume and I love that this one is made with knee socks!

37 Homemade Animal Costumes (18)

Bird costumes

19. Pigeon

You can make the cutest little DIY pigeon costume with a paper plate and a mint colored dress! Best part? It will take you less than 3 minutes to paint and put together.

37 Homemade Animal Costumes (19)

20. Chicken

This chicken costume for kidsis extra special if your kiddo who loves the book, Interrupting Chicken! It’s also super easy to make. All you need is a cardboard box and paint.

37 Homemade Animal Costumes (20)

21. Peacock

This is the best handmade peacock costume I’ve come across. The onesie and tights are store bought, but the tail feather “belt” is handmade. For more details and pictures, check out Creatively Christy.

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DIY Animal Costumes

The following list of cute animal costumes don’t fit into any of the categories above, but they’re too cute not to make the animal costumes for kids list!

22. Bat

These bat capes and hats are perfect for little bat lovers. Find the simple sewing project on Made Everyday.

37 Homemade Animal Costumes (21)

23. Hedgehog

Alida Makes sewed the cutest toddler hedgehog costume I’ve ever seen. I love that it’s warm and comfortable too. This is one of those costumes that will get used all year long!

37 Homemade Animal Costumes (22)

24. Lizard

What kid doesn’t love lizards? Turn a green hoodie into a lizard with some eyes, nose, and tail! For the lizard costume tutorial, check out Taylor Made Creates.

37 Homemade Animal Costumes (23)

Adult animal costumes


This awesome Fox costume can likely be put together with clothes from your closet or thrift store. You will need to DIY a mask and tail. This costume was originally found What I Wore tumblr which has since been transitioned into Stars + Field.

37 Homemade Animal Costumes (24)

26. Goldfish

Turn a plain orange hooded sweatshirt into a goldfish costume masterpeice with a little hand sewing! Find the complete tutorial on Jenna Brand.

37 Homemade Animal Costumes (25)


All you need to be a lobster for Halloween is 48 plastic red cups, 15 plastic red plates, tons of clear packing tape, and a lot of patience. For more details about the DIY lobster costume, hop on over to Answering Oliver.

37 Homemade Animal Costumes (26)

28. Jellyfish

This DIY jellyfish costume started as a wide brim hat, an old loofa, and 4 strands of battery operated led lights. For the complete tutorial, check out On The Kattwalk.

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37 Homemade Animal Costumes (27)

29. Lady Bug

This lady bug costume can be put together in less than 15 minutes once you find the right supplies. Click here for details on how to make an adult lady bug costume.

37 Homemade Animal Costumes (28)30. Bat

I love how she up-cycles an old umbrella into a pair of epic bat wings! For a step by step tutorial, check out the Evil Mad Scientist

37 Homemade Animal Costumes (29)


This no sew wolf hoodie is perfect for a quick, easy Halloween costume. Find the complete tutorial on Lia Griffith.

37 Homemade Animal Costumes (30)

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I want everyone to feel empowered to be creative with their kids so, I’m sharing what I learned for free in a 5 day e-mail course!


37 Homemade Animal Costumes? ›

Just pair platinum locks with winged eyeliner, a black turtleneck, and white capri or cigarette pants. Add some coral nail polish to this Marilyn Monroe costume to get you matching all the way down to the mani. ➥ Shop the turtleneck top, white bottoms, and nail polish.

What animals can you dress up as? ›

10 Easy Animal DIY Costumes to Bring the Great Outdoors Inside
  • Monkey. Monkey see, Monkey DIY, and get ready to watch your little one go bananas in our Primary DIY Monkey costume!
  • Dolphin. ...
  • Bear. ...
  • Ladybug. ...
  • Caterpillar. ...
  • Baby Shark.
May 18, 2020

How to make a Marilyn Monroe costume? ›

Just pair platinum locks with winged eyeliner, a black turtleneck, and white capri or cigarette pants. Add some coral nail polish to this Marilyn Monroe costume to get you matching all the way down to the mani. ➥ Shop the turtleneck top, white bottoms, and nail polish.

What is the most common costume for pets? ›

As our chart shows, using data from the National Retail Federation, when it comes to dressing up their cats and dogs, U.S. adults' favorite costume of choice is a pumpkin, followed by a hot dog, super hero, cat and finally a bumble bee.

What are 5 animals that give us clothes? ›

From the tiniest silkworm to the largest llama, animals used by the clothing industry all suffer—and most pay with their lives.
  • Silk. Silk is the fiber that silkworms weave to make cocoons. ...
  • Cashmere. ...
  • Shearling. ...
  • Karakul Lamb Fur. ...
  • Vicuña. ...
  • Shahtoosh.

What is the most aesthetic animal? ›

The peacock's extravagant plumage makes it one of the most beautiful — and colorful — animals on earth. Native to Asia and Africa, the peacock is bound to be on a list of the world's most beautiful animals.

What is it called when adults dress up as animals? ›

Fursuits are custom-made animal costumes owned and worn by cosplayers and members of the furry fandom, commonly known as "furries"; a furry who wears a fursuit is called a fursuiter. The term is believed to have been coined in 1993 by Robert King.

What dress was Marilyn Monroe buried with? ›

Buried in a Green Pucci Dress: Marilyn is said to have been buried in the green Pucci dress she wore while in Mexico in February, 1962, shown below. From the book “Marilyn: The Last Months” by Eunice Murray: Eunice visited the house on Fifth Helena one more time before the funeral.

What damaged Marilyn Monroe's dress? ›

Recent images appear to show stretched fabric and missing crystals from the dress, according to Monroe historians. But the gown's owner, Ripley's Believe It or Not, says a "calculated risk" was made in allowing the dress to be worn and it was not damaged "in any way".

What did Marilyn wear under her dress? ›

Nor does the photo show that Monroe reportedly had to be sewn into the dress because of how tight it was. She also chose to wear nothing underneath it, according to Vintage News, so that the fit would be flawless, actively courting the “scandalous” discourse that she knew would surround the dress and her performance.

What are the top 5 costume for pets in order? ›

10 Most Popular Pet Halloween Costumes For 2022
  • #1 Pumpkin. View on Amazon. ...
  • #2 Hot Dog. View on Amazon. ...
  • #3 Bat. View on Amazon. ...
  • #4 Bumblebee. View on Amazon. ...
  • #5 Witch. View on Amazon. ...
  • #6 Lion. View on Amazon. ...
  • #7 Spider. View on Amazon. ...
  • #8 Ghost. View on Amazon.

What are the top 3 Halloween costumes for pets in 2017? ›

Top 10 Halloween Costumes For Pets in 2017:
  • Pumpkin.
  • Hot Dog.
  • Dog/Lion/Pirate.
  • Bumble Bee.
  • Devil.
  • Batman Character.
  • Ghost.
  • Cat.
Oct 9, 2017

How to dress like cat at home? ›

A tight fitting, black body suit and knee high black boots will help you look like catwoman. Wearing leopard or cheetah prints with leather moccasins will give an animalistic look and add to the cat-like ambiance of the rest of your costume.

How do you make a cute animal plush? ›

7 Steps In Making A Plushie
  1. Gather All Materials Needed. To save time, you need to prepare and gather all the things needed. ...
  2. Sketch Your Plushie. Making the sketch might be one of the toughest steps in making a plush bear. ...
  3. Choose Its Fabric & Color. ...
  4. Create a Pattern. ...
  5. Cut Out the Pattern & Sew. ...
  6. Stuff Your Plushie. ...
  7. Seal & Sew.
May 27, 2022

Can you make a stuffed animal that looks like you? ›

Inclusivity Dolls Made To Look Like You!

At Budsies, we create plush dolls that show kids that we are all made from the same materials and therefore we should all be treated equally. Our Budsies Selfies Dolls help promote inclusivity, build confidence and a positive self-image, and celebrate how special everyone is.

What are cool animals for clothing? ›

Animals including rabbits, minks, goats, foxes, crocodiles, alpacas, llamas, kangaroos, and even dogs and cats are coveted by the fashion industry. Their fur and skins are used to make various 'luxurious' clothing items.

How many animals are killed to make clothes? ›

Be it raised on a farm or hunted and trapped in the wild, the treatment of animals used for the fur trade is inherently cruel and causes enormous animal suffering. Each year more than 100 million animals are killed by the fur industry.

What animal fur to make clothes? ›

Common animal sources for fur clothing and fur trimmed accessories include fox, mink, rabbit (specifically the rex rabbit), finnraccoon (industry term for tanuki), lynx, bobcat, polecat (called 'fitch'), muskrat, beaver, stoat (ermine), marten, otter, sable, civet, seals, karakul sheep, muskox, caribou, llama, alpaca, ...

What is the number 1 cutest animal? ›

It's our feline friends that are the cutest pets of them all, according to science. With cats coming out as the animals with the most adorable faces, followed by ferrets, rabbits and hamsters. Interestingly, dogs only squeezed in at fifth place!

What animal is cute and lazy? ›

#3 Laziest Animal: Koala

Koalas are the cutest — and they also rank among the laziest! The adorable fur balls only wake for two to six hours a day! Like giant pandas, Koalas' near-constant state of slumber is food-related.

Who was the first furry? ›

According to fandom historian Fred Patten, the concept of furry originated at a science fiction convention in 1980, when a character drawing from Steve Gallacci's Albedo Anthropomorphics started a discussion of anthropomorphic characters in science fiction novels.

What is a furry party? ›

A furry convention (also furry con or fur con) is a formal gathering of members of the furry fandom — people who are interested in the concept of fictional non-human animal characters with human characteristics.

Is being a furry a hobby? ›

The furry fandom was created in the late 1980's and is a hobby that people worldwide have in common; there is even a community of them here in Sacramento.

Did Marilyn Monroe have children? ›

Does Marilyn have any children? No. Although Marilyn was married three times (first to James Dougherty, followed by baseball star Joe DiMaggio and playwright Arthur Miller), she did not have any children before her death in 1962. However, she really wanted to have a family and did have multiple documented pregnancies.

Who owns Marilyn Monroe's white dress? ›

Estimated to go for about $2 million, it ultimately sold for $4.8 million to Ripley's Believe It or Not!, which later advertised it as “the world's most expensive dress!” and kept it in a vault in its museum in Orlando, Fla.

What was the most famous Marilyn Monroe outfit? ›

Possibly the most unique look worn by Monroe is a potato sack dress she wore for a photoshoot in 1951. The potato sack accentuated her famous hourglass figure and emphasised just how iconic Monroe really was. It's not often that someone could pull off wearing a potato sack but of course, Monroe was the woman to do it.

How much did Kim Kardashian pay to wear Marilyn Monroe's dress? ›

Kardashian borrowed the dress from Ripley's Orlando location and she did not pay for it – but she did make two charitable donations to organizations in the Orlando are on behalf of the company, the post reads. Ripley's bought the dress at a private auction.

Why was Kim K allowed to wear Marilyn Monroe dress? ›

Amanda Joiner, Vice President of Licensing and Publishing at Ripley Entertainment, told The Daily Beast: “We felt that this was a way to bring something that's 60 years old and very iconic to a new generation.” Marilyn Monroe hasn't been out of fashion and iconic for over 60 years, she doesn't need any help with that.

What was Marilyn Monroe struggling with? ›

It is well known that Marilyn Monroe suffered from substance abuse, depression and anxiety; however, what is generally not known to the public is that she struggled with stuttering at various points in her life.

Why did Marilyn Monroe wear a potato sack dress? ›

The best one involves a party at the Beverly Hills Hotel in which Monroe, then 24, allegedly showed up in a revealing red dress that a columnist declared “cheap and vulgar,” adding she would have been better served wearing “a potato sack.” The Twentieth Century Fox PR department then capitalized on the moment by ...

How much weight did Kim lose for dress? ›

While her journey to get into the dress seemed to be going well, she hit a metaphorical snag when she couldn't fit into the original... leading her to try and drop 16 pounds in just three weeks, including a strict diet, sauna suits and more.

Why did Marilyn wear a low cut dress to meet the Queen? ›

Officials may have instructed the female attendees to dress conservatively, but the dress Marilyn chose to wear when meeting Queen Elizabeth II was like nothing they had in mind. Made of gold lamé, the gown was so low-cut that the tops of Marilyn's breasts were on full display.

How to make frog dress at home? ›

Make a quick frog costume by gluing felt frog eyes onto a headband and then complete the look by adding webbed frog feet that your child can wear on their hands. Get them to dress in green clothes before you add a little face paint and have fun watching your little frog hop around!

How to make a cat costume easy? ›

Use safety pins to attach the tail to the back of her clothes. Use white face paint to paint her upper lip area for a snout, and then dot it with black face paint. Finally, add whiskers, a nose, and some eyeliner on the corners of each eye, and she'll officially be the cutest cat this Halloween.

How to make a dummy for Halloween costume? ›

Dummy Body

If you can find an old shirt with a hood, this is even better! Tuck the bottom hem of the shirt into the top of the pants and use safety pins or a simple running stitch to hold them together. Now, you simply stuff the clothes with wadded up newspaper until it is the size you want it.

How do you make a Halloween costume out of bed sheets? ›

  1. Cut old your sheet into long strips.
  2. Wrap strips all around your torso, arms, legs, and head and hot glue in place.
  3. Leave eye and mouth uncovered. (Ya know, so you can see where the candy is and then eat said candy.)
  4. All done! This ain't your mummy's halloween costume.

How to make a Smurf costume for Halloween? ›

For Smurfette dress your child in the blue pajamas (or top and pants) with the white dress over the top. Put on white shoes. Place the Smurf hat on their head and you're done! I put Mathilde's hair up into a topknot and pinned her bangs back to keep them from showing.


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