: Harry Potter (2023)

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Snape ran a finger over Harry’s pucker and smirked as it involuntarily spasmed. The pink hole was clenched tightly and it quivered as he pushed the very tip of his finger inside, easily pushing past the resistance. He heard a muffled whimper and ignored it in favor of picking up the plug that rested on the tray beside him.

It was green, and Snape had chosen it to not only match Slytherin’s house color but also Harry’s eyes. While the plug was not long by any means, a mere 3 inches, it had a formidable width. The bulb of the plug was made of a specially condensed rubber that could easily expand up to five inches in diameter, though he doubted Harry could stretch anywhere near that, right away at least. The notch was ¾” and the base flared out with a decorative ‘SS’ engraved in it. He ran his thumb over his initials and looked up at the young man.

Harry was lying on the hospital bed, sunshine streaming out of the windows onto his naked skin. His arms were above him, bound together at the wrist and fastened to the metal headboard. He was twisted onto his left hip, and the young man’s right leg was pulled up and away from the left that was tied to the footboard, fixed to the bed rail at the knee and calf, spreading his thighs wide enough to make things easier for Snape. A green gag, matching the plug in Snape’s hand, was filling Harry’s mouth and covering his lips, wrapping around his black hair to join together at the back of his head. The soft glow of Harry’s quidditch-tanned skin stood out against the white sheets of the infirmary, and Snape stood unmoving, fixing the sight into his mind.

Harry looked at him as best he could without the aid of his glasses — something Snape would fix in the near future — with clear fear and not a small bit of hysteria. The young man was trying to fight back the tremors that were slowly overtaking him; and Snape stood there, running his thumb over the initials on the plug that would soon be in the boy on the bed.

The plug was gently placed back onto the tray, and a jar of oil was picked up. Snape unscrewed the cap with deft hands and set it down by the plug. With his left hand, he held the jar and dipped his right pointer and middle finger down into the specially brewed oil. Snape had spent weeks of his precious time in his lab developing this very recipe for an occasion such as this.

The oil was a hybrid of several types of lube that he had discovered over the years. Each type had advantages that he found helpful but also drawbacks that left him a bit frustrated. Different types would work for different situations, and not one would work long-term. So Snape had done what he did best, broken down the components of the problem, worked around them and found an alternative.

This oil was that alternative, and Snape congratulated himself on its success. It was extremely long lasting, needing a thorough cleaning to be completely rid of it, sufficiently slippery, non- irritating, it retained heat very well and was non-staining. It also had a medium grade relaxant and calming agent mixed in to prevent unnecessary damage as well.

He rubbed the oil between his two fingers and then coated them again along with the ring finger. When he had enough on his appendages, Snape placed the jar on the nightstand to his left, still within easy reach, and reached forward to caress Harry’s pucker again.

Harry jerked, his body trying to move away, and made another muffled sound of distress. Snape placed his left hand on Harry’s right hip and looked up into the young man’s terror-filled eyes. He started to rub small circles on both the hip and opening, waiting a moment until the teen started to tug away in earnest, and then pushed the tip of his pointer past the clenching muscles and back into the hole there.

Harry yelped and jerked at his restraints harder, pulling futilely at the bed rail and headboard. He yanked his hips and Snape held onto him, holding him in place as his finger slowly pushed upwards inside the boy. The oil eased the way as he slid up and up until the digit was securely lodged as far as his potions-stained knuckles would allow.

The youth’s heat was blazing on the one finger, and Snape pulled back, twisting slightly as he did so. When the tip was all that remained inside, he slid it forward and felt the passage clench down around him, trying to expel him from somewhere it thought he wasn’t meant to be. As Snape pulled the appendage out and pushed in again, he thought to himself that Harry’s body was young and was easily confused about what was allowed within it. Snape would make sure Harry understood that there was nothing to fight against when it was Snape that was inside him, in any and all forms. Harry would learn that anything Snape did to him, or put in him, was safe and belonged there.

Being one of the few adults that kept a close eye on the Gryffindor from first-year onward, Snape knew for a fact that the young man was still a virgin. While he may have been interested in Miss Cho Chang and even Generva Weasley, encounters with both females were always uncomfortable and awkward for the male student and never passed beyond juvenile hand-holding and a few clumsy kisses. Harry had never felt comfortable enough with his body or fame to allow anyone to touch him in a deeply sexual manner. Snape had found it humorous to begin with but had begun to track the situation with reluctant pity as time went by. Apparently, Harry Potter, amusingly enough, was a bit of a prude.

When Harry’s muscles were loose enough, ignoring the constant jerking and clenching of the teen, Snape aligned two fingers with the younger male’s cavity and pressed upwards into the heat there. Snape held Harry’s hip tighter as Harry gave a stifled yell and jerked frantically against his hold, trying to dislodge the invaders. After some time passed and Snape had added a third and then a fourth digit, after lubing that one as well, he pulled his hand from Harry’s well stretched arse and wiped it off on a nearby hand towel. Harry was near tears, his eyes clouded and threatening to overflow at any given point, but Snape didn’t hesitate when he reached over and picked up the plug from the tray.

Snape dipped it into the oil and withdrew it with a deft hand. The Gryffindor’s eyes widened and he whimpered as the plug came into his view. Snape smirked slightly at the stark distress on the young man’s face before he pulled the boy’s twitching cheeks apart and lined the tip of the thick plug up at the now slack opening. He paused a moment and then, after placing his hand back on the hip before him, started to push the object against and past the muscle ring with a steady pressure and, inevitably, inside of Harry.

Even though the bulb was not expanded, it was wide enough to cause a good deal of discomfort for Harry’s virgin orifice going in. That discomfort was clear as Harry’s face twisted and the teen started to let out muffled yelps as his lithe hips bucked away from Snape’s grasp. Snape held on, despite the difficulty Harry was giving him, and managed to get the plug past the muscles and inside Harry’s channel with a wet and obscene pop.

Harry screamed. The gag quieted it, but it rang off the stone walls of the empty infirmary and magnified the severity of the situation. Snape ran a finger around the edges of the plug, looking for raised sections, and with a final push down Snape was sure the plug was in Harry completely. He ran a soothing hand over the boy’s back and waited until the worst of the crying was over before continuing on.

He stepped over to the tray and lifted the tubing that lay on it like an idle snake, and stepped back to a softly crying Harry. He wrapped one end of the tube through the bound legs and pulled both ends towards him, the upper end resting over Harry’s right thigh. Oil liberally coated the end closest to Harry, and Snape unhurriedly pushed the rubber hose through the hole in the bottom of the plug and then through the top of it into Harry’s passage.

Harry’s sob-filled breath hitched at the new sensation, and his ass spasmed and clenched around the plug. Snape smoothly goaded the tube upwards bit by bit, occasionally coating more of the vanishing rubber, until he estimated that a little over two feet had disappeared into Harry’s innards. With that done, he silently stuck the tube to the inside of the plug with a spell, sealed the plug closed, and left the young man on the bed, two feet of rubber inside of him, snaking its way through his bowels.

The shower room that was attached to Poppy’s domain proved useful as he filled a large enema bag with the mixture he had decided upon earlier. It had been difficult to choose but Snape knew that he could not change his mind. Harry needed discipline, a harsh smack to his anger-filled ego, and this was one of the only ways to properly punish him and jolt him out of his semester-long temper tantrum.

Snape tipped the three ounces of castor oil and six ounces of both glycerin and mineral oil that were laid out on the counter into the bag. He then filled it with two quarts of hot water, clamped the top, and shook it until the ingredients were mixed. He held the bag in his hands for a minute and felt the heat of it through the thick sides until it was hot in his palms.

When he made it back to Harry’s bed, the teen was twisting on it in what was possibly the most pathetic attempt of escape Snape had seen. The black haired youth was yanking at the restraints binding his hands and legs and grinding down on the bed as best he could, as if to catch the plug on something and pull it out. Snape knew the only way the plug was leaving Harry’s bum was if Snape pulled it out, and the Potions Master would not be inclined to do such a thing anytime in the near future. In fact, he would be doing the exact opposite very soon. Harry would soon find himself very full, very uncomfortable, very quickly.

Snape laid the bag down on the bed in the space behind Harry’s legs and raised the free end of the tubing off Harry’s thigh. He fitted it to the bottom of the large water bottle and floated the bag up above Harry’s bound form, much to Harry’s added horror if the panicked and muffled protests were anything to go by.

The hooked-nose man waved his hand and the plug inside Harry started to expand, widening in the softer channel right above the stretched muscle ring. Harry shrieked and wrenched away but the plug stayed lodged inside, expanding steadily until Snape halted it with another hand swish.

When Snape undid the clamp on the bag, he watched the liquid fill the tube and travel downwards towards the plug. When the tube was completely filled and the only thing keeping it from Harry’s innards was the closed plug, Snape walked around to the other side of the bed. He transfigured a chair and sat down facing Harry. The young man was now terrified and, as tears ran down the Gryffindor’s cheeks in clear rivers, Snape pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped some of the moisture away, ignoring the flinch. He sat the cloth down and rested his arms on his knees, intertwining his fingers and leaning forward in the seat. He looked Harry in the eye and kept his gaze level.

“This is a punishment,” he spoke calmly. “You’ve been a difficult student so far this year, and even with Dumbledore excusing your rudeness away by grief for your dog-father, it is unacceptable.”

He leaned back and crossed his legs, arms laying on the armrests, and continued explaining the situation to Harry.

“I have come to the conclusion that your behavior is caused not by Black’s death but something else. Black dying only acted as a catalyst. No, it is something far greater. Right now, however, is not about you explaining why you’re acting like this, and you will be explaining Mister Potter, have no delusions about that. Right now is about punishing you in a fashion you’ll understand, or at least remember. We’ll work on the understanding later.”

Harry whimpered.

“So, for your punishment, you’ll take this solution inside of you. I won’t lie to you Mister Potter, it will be painful, excruciatingly so. But there will be no mercy from me. You will take all of it. You will then hold it for a period of time I deem appropriate, and then I will help you release it. I will then administer another round, and we will repeat the procedure. The pain will linger as a reminder for better behavior until I clean you out with another enema. Until that time, you’ll act as a model student, pain or no pain.”

Harry was wide-eyed in horror as he finished speaking, trembling and shaking his head in denial. Snape stood and reached over Harry to unclamp the plug and paused as Harry sobbed and pulled at his wrists and jerked his hips.

“Yes, Mister Potter. You’ve been a bad boy acting up as you have, and when every other adult in this school will let you do as you please, I will not. I will not allow you to continue acting as you have. I’ve come to the decision that you need someone to keep you in line, and so that is what I will do. You have no say in the matter.” With that Snape unsealed the plug and the liquid rushed through it, up the three feet inside Harry, and into the sixth year’s bowels.

He watched Harry’s face as the liquid spill out of the rubber tube that was wedged inside of the teenager and flow in both directions offered to it. Rushing downwards, the liquid met with the horrible object that was plugging the Gryffindor closed and could go no further, but traveling upwards it met no such resistance. It flowed up and up, twisting through Harry’s colon and bowels.

After a few minutes of observing a distressed Harry, Snape ventured into Poppy’s office and made use of the floo. Harry wouldn’t be finished taking the enema for another ten minutes and then there was the time Harry was to have it inside him. This was a punishment, and Snape knew if he stayed he would want to end it prematurely. Harry wouldn’t learn anything from that, so Snape left.


He exited the fireplace and looked around Dumbledore’s office with concealed distaste. The old man was barmy, and Snape would have committed the other wizard himself if it would have done any good. But it wouldn’t have, so Snape put up with the absurdity and went to sit in one of the chairs in front of the headmaster’s desk.

Dumbledore was arms deep in paperwork. It was ministry blather most likely, Snape thought with malicious glee. As he waited for the headmaster to finish with the pile of papers in front of him, Snape felt an empty vial of a familiar potion in one of his many hidden pockets shift. He fought a smirk back and readjusted himself in his seat.

“Severus.” Dumbledore greeted half-heartedly. Snape felt slightly guilty for being glad of the ministry’s bombardment of the school. The headmaster was clearly stressed but it was his own fault, if the blasted man only let others in on his little secrets.

“Headmaster.” Snape inclined his head in acknowledgement and refused the usual offer of lemon drops.

Dumbledore leaned back in his chair and sighed tiredly. He looked Snape over critically and smiled slightly.

“How are you Severus?” he asked, summoning a tea set from the kitchen. “You haven’t been called in quite some time. Is everything alright?”

“Yes, yes.” Snape waved his hand. “The Dark Lord is merely biding his time, and until then has asked me to make potions for him.”

“Potions? What potions would these be?” The older wizard asked casually.

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“The usual things, poisons, Veritaserum, pain relievers, healing potions.”

“Well, that is some relief, as saddening as it is. You’ll let me know if that changes, won’t you.”

“Of course, Headmaster.”


The two sat in silence as they drank their tea, Dumbledore’s bitter and dark and Snape’s with two sugars and milk. The younger wizard felt faint amusement at the irony that could be found in the headmaster’s drink preferences, his tea bitter despite all the sugar and candy the man professed to adore. The papers on the desk seemed to grow, and Dumbledore groaned along with the desk.

“They’re burying us under paper. I’m sure to die by paper cut.”

Snape snorted and finished his cup, placing it back on the tray. He took a calming breath and looked Dumbledore in the eye.

“I’ve come to tell you about Potter.” He watched as Dumbledore sighed and shored himself up for a fight.

“Really now, Severus, I understand you don’t like the child but I’m quite tired of hearing about it every time we have tea.”

Severus waited until the headmaster was looking at him before continuing as if the other had never spoken.

“Certain things have come to my attention about Potter and his deplorable behavior, and so I’ve decided to do something about it.”

“Another detention, Severus? The boy is merely grieving for Sirius. He does love him so.”

“Not a detention, no. And him loving Black is beside the point,” Snape sneered. “Potter cannot be allowed to continue as he has. He must be taken hold of and kept in line.”

“And so you’ve decided to be that individual?” Dumbledore’s voice was cooler, and Snape knew he had been right to be so cautious of the older man.

“Yes. In fact, I’ve already taken steps in that regard.”

“And what exactly are those steps?” Frigid tones assaulted Snape.

“That’s none of your concern, Headmaster. Just know that I’ll be taking primary charge of the boy from here on out.”

Dumbledore narrowed his eyes and his lips thinned as he fingered his wand. He looked at Snape over the desk and in a cold voice, made his opinion known.

“You’re a fool, Severus. That boy is not your responsibility. You have no right to make any decisions about, or for, him at all. Now you will tell me what you did, undo it, and leave my office!”

“No, I don’t think I will.” Snape sat back in the chair and crossed his legs. He let his magic flow out of him and over the headmaster, silently activating the potion he had slipped the man earlier that day.

The effect was instantaneous. The headmaster’s magic flew up to combat the foreign entity’s will as it attempted to overthrow and destroy his own. But it was too late. The potion Snape had spent the last decade perfecting was flawless and had no problem overpowering the headmaster sitting before him.

The potion was a blend of several types of magic and was, essentially, a modified liquid form of Imperius. But where Imperius could be fought off, this potion could not be. Because of the concentration and purity level of the magic and ingredients within the potion, it attached itself to the individual’s magical core and mind rapidly, digging itself so deep there was very little way of undoing it. It would take years of strenuous effort to rid a person of the potion, and that was after an antidote was developed. The potion bound the drinker to the brewer’s will, and with Snape as the creator and only brewer, his word was effectively law. Better yet, the drinker felt no compulsion to do his bidding. They simply wanted to. Once activated, the potion made them believe that his will was the right thing to do, without them aware of the fact they weren’t acting of their own accord. They honestly believed that they were under their own control with nothing hampering them. And besides that, the drinker could not harm the brewer under any circumstance, even without the potion having been activated.

Dumbledore was not the first individual that had imbibed Snape’s potion, nor would he be the last. Dozens of witches and wizards had the potion in their systems, merely waiting for him to trigger it. The few individuals in the school had been easy to dose. The castle liked him. It always had liked him, even as a child, so the house elves were happy to help, with the castle’s blessing and his assurances of propriety of course. So the more dangerous faculty members were now, in effect, neutralized.

The headmaster had been trickier to drug. While usually a man that assumed the best in others, he was not a fool. Dumbledore had not lived as long as he had without due caution, and so he guarded his food and beverage intake like a nesting dragon. Snape had waited patiently for an opening where the older man was too preoccupied to notice the addition to his afternoon tea and had slipped it into the man’s teapot personally, unwilling to risk his one chance with a house-elf.

Lucius, the first individual drugged outside the school, had been easy. The arrogant aristocrat hadn’t known what was happening until after Snape had forced his will over the blonde Politian; from there Narcissa and then the inner-circle of Death Eaters in a grand gathering imbibed his brew. Riddle had been harder, the paranoid bastard. Snape eventually realized the only option available was to simply overpower the man, stun him, and then spell the potion into him. The older wizard had not been happy.


The strangled voice drew Snape’s attention back to the present, and he looked up at the straining wizard in front of him. Dumbledore’s hands gripped the arms of his chair with a white-knuckled grip, and blue eyes bore into black, incomprehension and a growing sense of horror shining through clearly. Snape could still feel part of the headmaster fighting, but knew without a doubt that he had won.

“Just give in Headmaster. It will be easier on your system.”

The old man jerked his head to the side in refusal but lost the war a moment later when Snape kicked the desk, making him lose concentration. Snape felt the headmaster’s will fade into the background and his own come forward to the front of Dumbledore’s mind and magic. He smirked to himself and stood casually from the chair, brushing a wrinkle out of his teaching robes. He measured each of his words for significance before speaking them, knowing he needed to tread carefully with the potion so freshly activated in a man as manipulative and intelligent as the Headmaster.

“Now then,” Snape started, his will exerting itself over Dumbledore, “here is what is going to occur. I am in charge of Harry Potter from this day forward. The manner in which he’s been handled thus far is atrocious, and I’ve had enough of it. How am I to keep my unbreakable vow to you if I allow you to continue as you have Albus?”

Faint annoyance registered from the potion-induced connection, but quickly shifted to chagrin as Snape continued with his well-placed words, their impact reinforcing the potion’s subliminal message that Snape was ultimately correct.

“Mister Potter needs an adult to trust, one that he can bond with. Last year could have been avoided if you had just talked to the boy. He can’t trust you or your motives any longer, Albus. Therefore, all decisions pertaining to Harry, in any manner, will go through me first. I have the final say, and my decisions outweigh everyone and everything else. I will decide what he deserves or doesn’t. If he misbehaves, I will choose his punishments. If I decide so, he will stay in my rooms, without suspicion. I will decide his schooling and classes. Everything I choose to do is perfectly acceptable as the boy’s new guardian, and if he comes to you or any of the staff or students, he is to be directed back to me so I may deal with it. Is that understood, Headmaster?”

“Yes.” Albus blinked slowly several times before shifting in his seat, sluggishly coming back to life.

Snape paused before continuing on in a slightly gentler tone, the softer tenor in his voice helping to ease any remaining strain from the Headmaster’s mind. “Neither you nor anyone else will interfere in how I handle Mister Potter, Albus. It will upset the delicate connection I am trying to build with him. Is that understood?”

“Of course, Severus.”

“If I ask for your assistance in managing him, you will give it immediately and without hesitation?” Snape phrased it as a question, but silently forced Dumbledore into compliance.

“Yes, yes, naturally, Severus.” Albus waved a wrinkled hand. “I’m just glad you’ve come to your senses about this finally. Harry does need someone to turn to, and I’m afraid you’re right about it no longer being me. I and the staff will, of course, defer to your opinion in this.”

“You will tell no one of this meeting or the consequences of it? I’d prefer to keep my reputation intact.”

“I will not,” Albus smiled at him indulgently.

“Good. You will also not communicate to anyone what the true nature of this conversation was or of the potion. You will not communicate your bound state to anyone or anything.”

Hesitancy and confusion trickled through the connection, but Snape brushed his will over Albus’ and soothed it away. The older wizard nodded.

“Excellent. Well then, I’m off to speak with the rest of the staff. I think it best that I be the one to explain the new changes to them, don’t you?”

“Certainly, if anyone gives you any trouble, please send them to me. I’ll ensure that you’ll have no difficulty in taking guardianship over dear Harry.”

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Easy acceptance flowed through the potion induced bond, and Snape smirked in satisfaction. He turned towards the door, intent on making visits to several of the more difficult faculty before going back to Harry.

As he neared the exit, he caught sight of a heavily warded box sitting on one of the Headmaster’s many shelves and stopped briefly. He considered testing the strength of the potion by taking the box, but decided to postpone it for a better time. The Horcrux that resided in the wooden chest could wait until he had better means of handling it. Snape restarted towards the stairway.

“By the way Headmaster,” he shot over his shoulder, stopping at the door and turning to face the older man, “there will be no more Horcrux hunting. If you happen to find one, you will inform me immediately so I may deal with it. Under no circumstances will you destroy it.”

There Snape felt a brief and feeble resistance, but it was crushed almost immediately under Snape’s iron will.


When Snape stepped back into the infirmary a couple hours later, he immediately heard Harry’s muffled and agonized cries. The wails were echoing constantly, and Harry’s hoarse voice told Snape he had clearly been at it a while.

Snape forced himself to stroll slowly over to the young man. He looked on as the teen screamed through the gag, twisted and heaved his bound body as best he could, and Snape felt his cock stir in appreciation at the sight of Harry’s swollen stomach. He pushed his arousal down however and concentrated on Harry’s pain, berating himself as he focused on the pain the devilish boy was enduring.

This was a punishment for Harry. It was not meant to bring pleasure to him. There would be plenty of time later for Snape to admire Harry’s body, to give in to his cock’s urging, but now was not the time.

The bed was shaking from Harry’s frantic movements, and Snape stepped up to the right side, facing Harry’s front, and placed a cool hand on the young man’s distended belly. Harry’s skin seemed to spasm under his palm, and the green eyes snapped open to meet his black ones. Tears had fallen constantly in Snape’s absence and the older paths had dried, leaving slightly glossy trails down the pale cheeks. Harry sobbed loudly and pushed his belly into Snape’s hand, begging as best he could for mercy.

Snape caressed the skin offered to him and knew that he would not deny the child. It had been more than an appropriate amount of time, and Harry would obviously remember this punishment, even if he didn’t understand why it was done to him. It would not serve Snape well to keep torturing the Gryffindor needlessly, so he pulled the chair up to the bed and sat down again, looking at the weeping young man with patience. He waited for over ten minutes until Harry realized what Snape wanted. He knew the young man was cramping constantly and the burning inside of him had to be awful, but Snape watched with pride as Harry forced his body to still and lay complacently on its side, looking at Snape with glistening eyes, his soft cries of pain escaping from time to time with involuntary convulsions.

“It’s almost over now, Mister Potter.” Snape spoke, keeping his hands firmly intertwined and away from Harry’s sweat-soaked body. “There’s just a bit more to this punishment.”

His hands twitched at Harry’s high pitched whine but he forced himself to ignore it. This needed to be done.

“However, this part is something you get to decide. Because this is meant to teach you a lesson, we will need to talk about what happened and what you’ve learned from this. Unless you can prove to me that you’ve learned the lesson I’m trying to teach, I will have to go ahead with the second half of the punishment.”

Harry bawled through the gag, eyes clenching shut and snot running down over his sealed lips onto the white sheets below. His body was racked with uncontrollable misery and defeat, and it pained Snape to see the other male so far into despair. Snape gave in and reached over to run a hand soothingly over his charge’s neck and shoulder, making soft hushing sounds that calmed the boy and pulled him from his hysteria. He caressed Harry’s wet cheek and stroked the cheek bone under his palm with his thumb, waiting Harry out. When he had settled down and was listening to him once again, Snape continued explaining.

“Now, this is where the choices come in. You can either talk about this or not. What will it be?”

Harry nodded rapidly in acceptance, and Snape felt spreading warmth in his stomach at the young man’s easy submission. It was pain induced, yes, but it was a start.

“Alright, that’s very good Mister Potter.” He praised and stroked Harry’s matted hair affectionately. “I know that was a difficult thing to agree to. Now your second choice is when we speak about it. We can do this right now, just like this, or we can do it after you release the solution. One nod is the first option and two is the second.”

Two rapid nods immediately and Snape nodded to Harry in acceptance.

“Alright, now, I’m going to undo the bottle and then pull the tubing out. I will leave you restrained because it will be a bit uncomfortable. When that is done I will undo the restraints but I am telling you now Mister Potter, leave the gag in.”

As Snape slid the rubber tubing out of the plug, he cast a continuous cleaning charm on it, and when the end finally plopped out of Harry’s body Snape wrapped it up and set it back on the tray. He walked back to Harry’s front and held his right thigh up as the restraints were undone from it.

The muscles, having been trapped in that position for over two and a half hours, started to cramp at once and Harry cried out as more pain was added to his system. Snape rubbed the contractions out of the leg and, when Harry had relaxed some, Snape lowered the leg down on the bed, allowing it to touch the left. He then went to the top of the bed and undid Harry’s arms and repeated the process, ignoring the raw and slightly bleeding wrists.

When all that was left was Harry’s left ankle, he stepped to the foot of the bed and looked over at Harry. The young man was moaning and cradling his swollen stomach in his newly freed arms. His eyes were closed as he concentrated on relaxing the cramps overtaking him, and Snape place his right hand on the child’s ankle.

“Mister Potter? I’m undoing the last restraint. I’ll help you off the bed and then we’ll get that solution out. Don’t fight me on this. Do you understand, Mister Potter?” Harry looked up at him and nodded once so Snape unfastened the padded strap and walked back to the other side, ready to aid him off the bed.

Harry gripped his neck with trembling digits, and Snape slid an arm under him, helping the Gryffindor to sit up on the bed. Harry’s engorged belly rubbed against Snape’s robes as the two males worked together to get Harry on his feet, and Harry blushed a deep red in shame, contrasting beautifully with the deep green ball gag wedged in his mouth.

When the black haired young man was on his feet and regaining a sense of balance, Snape went and retrieved the portable waste chair. Harry’s eyes widened as the chair hovered into view and Snape felt a rush of morbid pleasure when Harry shook his head in denial. The waste chair was used for semi-bedridden patients that still wished to complete small intimate actions on their own. It was a high backed chair with a deep pot connected to the bottom of a wide hole which was cut into the seat.

“Yes Mister Potter. This is the method of expelling the solution.” He sat the chair down in between the youth and the transfigured chair Snape had been using and looked at Harry calmly. “Unless you’d like to have it remain in you? I’m warning you though, if the pain is horrendous now, it will only get worse over time.”

Harry quaked and his blush deepened as he glared at Snape in hatred. Snape sat down in his own chair and pulled out a potions journal that he was halfway through, ignoring Harry’s glare, he was content to wait the child out. After a few long minutes of inner turmoil, Harry finally shuffled over to the chair and sat down in a mortified silence, gripping his stomach. Snape gave an idle wave of his hand and the plug shrunk and flew into the cleaning solution that rested on the other side of the bed on the tray.

A brief sound of liquid hitting the bottom of the container met Snape's ears and then nothing more. He looked up from the journal to find Harry sitting on the chair clenching his legs together and shaking his head in refusal. Snape rolled his eyes and stood up; crossing over to Harry’s pathetic form and bent down to place a hand on the boy’s back and the other on his bulging abdomen, pushing upwards.

Harry sobbed unceasingly as his bowels seized up and emptied the painful liquid into the container below. Snape sat back down and read as he heard the pot filling beside him. The teen was hiding his face in his hands with his thin shoulders shaking in utter humiliation, and his crying only grew in volume as he lacked the ability to conceal his degrading bowel movements from Snape.

When it was over and the rushing sound had finally stopped, Snape finished the paragraph he was on and marked the page. The book snapped shut and he looked up at the humiliated and disgraced teen still sitting on the chair, hiding his face and softly weeping.

“Would you like help cleaning yourself up?”

Harry shook his head and let out a choked whimper but made no move to rise from the chair.

“Mister Potter,” Snape said sternly, “look at me. Now, Mister Potter.”

Harry hesitantly raised his head and red puffy eyes met his. Snape turned his body towards the teen and leaned forward, speaking solemnly as he took a quivering hand in his.

“It is not a crime, nor is it a failing, to ask for assistance. You are not weak to want help from another. You are not weak to ask for that help. On the contrary, it is a truly strong person that knows when to seek aid and is humble enough to ask for it.” He allowed that to sink in and then asked again. Harry’s eyes teared up and he turned his head away from Snape before nodding once. Snape was satisfied for the time being and vanished the contents of the pot before he cast a simple cleaning charm on Harry to get rid of the mess. The young man was hiding again and Snape watched him silently.

“Come here Mister Potter.”

Harry stiffened and shook his head no. Snape fought back a growl and narrowed his eyes.

“We can always finish the second half of your punishment if you do not wish to keep your word,” he said nastily.

Harry’s breath quickened in panic and Snape saw the lingering cramps return. The teen slowly rose from the chair and, realizing he was naked in front of his teacher, tried to cover his nudity with hands that were too small for someone his age.

“Mister Potter,” Snape said dangerously, “come here.”

Harry shuffled from foot to foot and then grudgingly moved closer to the professor. Snape snapped his fingers and pointed to the floor space directly in front of him and the shorter male hesitantly stepped forward so that he was in between the man’s legs. Snape looked up at Harry for a moment and then suddenly grabbed him and pulled the boy onto his lap.

Harry shrieked and fought against him, but the older man was stronger and Snape soon had the sixteen year old sitting in his lap, legs on either side of Snape’s hips, arms pressed between their chests, head in the crook of his shoulder. Snape’s right arm wound around Harry’s back, keeping the youth pressed to his upper body but also stationed on top of his lap, the left hand held Harry’s head still, face pressed into the skin of the man's neck.

“Calm down!” Snape barked.

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He held on until Harry was too tired and in too much pain to continue struggling and then loosened his hold. He gently ran his hand through black hair and rubbed the other’s back in small circles before transfiguring a pillow from a nearby bed into a makeshift diaper. Harry tensed in shame but Snape hushed him.

“There will be slight discharge for a little while longer.” Snape spoke quietly against the teen's hair. He carded his long fingers through the tangled mess and breathed, the man’s long steady inhalations lulling Harry into a relaxed state.

The two of them sat that way for over an hour until Harry was heavy against Snape and his body free of tension. Harry’s right cheek was pressed against Snape’s shoulder and light puffs of warm air brushed against Snape’s neck as the boy breathed steadily through his nose. The Gryffindor whimpered now and then as residual cramps took hold of his bowels, and Snape rubbed his back through them all. When the castle bells wrung five, Snape looked down at the teen and laid his cheek on Harry’s hair.

“Now that you are calm,” he started, ignoring the slight stiffening of the body in his arms, “We will talk about what you learned from this.”

The child, for that was probably what he still was, Snape thought, clenched his hands in Snape’s robes and remained silent. Snape unfastened the gag and pulled it gently from Harry’s mouth, resisting the urge to plunder the space between the now swollen lips.

“I cannot let this go until you’ve proven that you’ve grown as a person Mister Potter. So what are some things that you’ve learned?”

Harry was quiet, hot tears soaking Snape’s collar, but Snape gave him the time necessary to get the words out. He knew that Harry would find this difficult, exceedingly so, but the young man would learn.

“I…” the word was hesitant and Snape said nothing, just rubbed the sixth year’s back, “I… there’s… um. I… I… I’m not… I’m not w… weak for wanting hel… help.”

Snape smiled slightly and let a brief flash of pride take over. He stroked his charge’s hair reassuringly and felt tension fade from the stiff figure on him. He nuzzled his nose into the black strands briefly before pulling away slightly.

“Good. It’s good that you’ve learned that. Now what else?” he encouraged.

“Um… I… I… um… I’m not… I’m not special. I don’t deserve special treatment?” Harry asked hesitantly.

Snape pulled the young man closer to him and lifted the student’s chin up gently, looking him in the eye.

“Partly correct, you do not deserve special treatment. You are wrong however to think that you are not special; because you are, Mister Potter.” He pushed Harry’s head back down gently and let the teen mull that over. “Please restate your answer.”

“Um… I… I may be… special…” Harry faltered on the last word. “but… I don’t… I don’t deserve special treatment.”


“Um… when I’ve broke… broken the rules?”

“Correct.” Snape carded his fingers through the soft hair. “And?”

“Um… I… I… I don’t know!” Harry stiffened in Snape’s arms and Snape pulled him tighter still and hushed him.

“It’s alright, Mister Potter. I believe you. So how about this, I tell you what you should have learned, and you’ll tell me if you’ve realized those facts but didn’t think to mention them?”

Harry nodded awkwardly into Snape’s neck, and the Defense Professor patted Harry’s back as he spoke gently, trying to drive the fear and tension from the delicate body on his lap.

“So, you have the ability to ask for help.”


“You do not deserve special treatment when breaking the rules.”

“Yes.” The answer was hushed and hesitant.

“The punishment you just received was deserved.”

“…” Harry bit his lip and remained quiet.

“It’s alright to have someone look after you.” Snape continued when it was clear Harry couldn’t bring himself to answer.

“… Yes.”

“It’s alright to have someone care for you.”

“Yes.” The teen relaxed deeper into Snape’s hold and pressed his forehead against the taller man’s neck, eyelashes fluttering against the other’s sensitive skin. Stiffness faded from the slighter frame and soon Harry lay completely relaxed against Snape’s chest.

“The person looking after and caring for you generally knows what’s best for you, even if you don’t understand their reasoning.”

“…Yes.” Harry was hesitant, but remained lax as he answered his professor.

“The punishment you just received was deserved.” Snape spoke kindly as he massaged a tender spot on Harry’s scalp.


“Very good, Harry.” Snape smiled and placed a light kiss on Harry’s forehead. “That’s a good boy. I know that was hard for you to admit, but I’m very proud of you.”

“Proud? Why? Why would you be proud of me?” Harry stiffened again slightly and his breathing picked up as Snape raised his head to look at him.

“Harry,” Snape started, “I have to admit that until recently I would never have been proud of you. I thought you were an arrogant, spoiled child. However, I’ve been forced to learn that I was mistaken. I understand that you’re suffering, but I will not allow you to slip into depression, and I refuse to let Dumbledore push you into it either. I won’t allow you to be alone any longer, even if you wish you were.”

He remained silent for a minute, thinking of how to tell the young man in his lap the truth.

“I’ve claimed you. Dumbledore knows, as do most of the faculty and staff. You’re mine Harry. I will be the primary adult for you. I will have the say in your life, not Dumbledore, not the ministry, not the Dursleys. I am going to care for you, whether you wish me to or not, and part of caring for you is doling out punishments.

“I know that given time you’ll come to understand that I’m doing what is best for you, but right now it will be a shock. You’ll most likely try to rebel against my authority, but I won’t be giving you lee way. You need to understand that my authority over you is absolute. I’ll protect you, even if it’s from yourself. You’re still young and still so innocent in many ways that your classmates aren’t.”

Harry was quiet through Snape’s explanation and simply sat on the man’s lap, face turned inwards, listening. When Snape was done Harry played with a button on Snape’s robes and readjusted his head so that it was under the man’s chin.

“Do you understand Harry?” Snape tsked when Harry nodded. “Harry, verbal responses please.”

“Yes,” Harry said quietly. The teen stilled his fingers on the button and twisted his head clumsily to look at Snape. “How did you do it? How’d you get Dumbledore to let you?”

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“I simply forced his hand. Harry, I want you to know this, the Headmaster is a great wizard, but he is not a great man. He may be a Gryffindor but he also has all the nasty parts of Slytherin in him as well. He’s not above using people like simple pawns. He is not above sacrificing them for the queen and king, no matter how special they are.”

“Me.” Harry intoned quietly.

“Yes sadly, you.”

“What am I supposed to call you?”

Snape let out an amused huff at the sudden change of topic. “What you’ve been calling me for over five years, Professor and Sir. We don’t know each other well enough yet for you to call me by my first name.”

“But you can call me Harry?”

“Would you rather I didn’t?”

“… Harry’s fine.”

“Very good, now up off me and onto the bed.” Snape said, helping Harry to climb off his lap. Harry stilled and looked at him warily, causing Snape to smirk gently. “This part of your punishment is over. You’ll have to sit through dinner with the cramps but then after that I’ll get rid of the rest of the solution inside of you.”

“But why…?” Harry cut himself off and trembled slightly, glancing at the bed and afraid of Snape’s reaction.

“I need to check to see if you’re bleeding.” Snape held Harry’s scabbed wrists up. “Besides your wrists, that is.”

Harry nodded with a delicate blush staining his cheeks and sat on the bed.

“Lay down on your back Harry.” Snape stepped over to the tray and picked up the last few items that were on it and turned back to the teen on the bed. “Good boy. Now, I’m going to take off the underwear, and you’ll need to pull your thighs up and apart, as close to your chest as possible.”

Harry was clearly nervous and the terror from before was returning. Snape pulled out a mild calming potion and gave it to the young man to help ease him. When it had taken effect, Snape spelled the diaper off of Harry and Harry sluggishly pulled his legs up to his chest. He let them fall apart, exposing his stretched and seeping pucker to the air. It twitched and Snape felt his cock stir in response.

Snape lubed his fingers and placed them at the Gryffindor’s quivering opening, looking Harry in the eye as he slid one of them inside, up into his wet channel. Harry whimpered and closed his eyes, sucking in breaths as Snape pulled out and pushed in with gentle care.

“Harry, open your eyes. I want you to look at me.” Harry did as he was told, and watched as two of Snape’s long, potion-stained fingers disappeared up inside of him. It felt weird and he told his Professor so, getting a chuckle in response.

“I imagine that it does. Your rectum is a ring of muscles that remains tightened in its natural state. The stretching and first breeches of your rectum will feel odd to you because, until now, you’ve never had anything foreign within you. The plug that was inside you can stretch up to five inches, however you only took two today.” Snape explained smoothly, pressing in and pulling out. “Past your rectum is your colon. It has a great number of nerve endings, and so it is sensitive to touch of any kind. However, yours is delicate right now. The tissue is softer and raw because of the enema. What I’m doing now is checking for any tears or bleeding from your struggles.”

Harry was wide eyed at the explanation and didn’t notice the third finger as it slipped in beside its brothers.

Snape pressed his free hand on Harry’s stomach, above the teen’s twitching prick, and continued to gently stretch the Gryffindor’s arse. He paused repeatedly to recoat his fingers before slipping them back through the slickened channel. A flush slowly spread across Harry’s body, dipping down to color the youth’s slowly awakening member.

“You’re tight and hypersensitive right now Harry, which is why the sensation of my fingers inside you feels so awkward.” Snape withdrew his fingers and examined them for several long moments. He frowned and wiped them off on a white towel, looking at the color of the oil. “You’re bleeding.”

Harry sucked in a harsh breath. “Is it… is it bad, Sir?”

Snape shook his head as he dipped his fingers back into the jar. “No Harry, just a little patch of raw tissue. It’s where the plug rubbed repeatedly, an easily fixed issue. To help with the bleeding, I’m going to give you a series of enemas that contain different potions. These potions will fulfill different roles, one will strengthen the lining of your colon and intestines, and a few others will be for nutrients that you’ve been missing.”

The teen sighed in relief, whimpering as Snape slipped his fingers back into his sore ass. He raised his head and, through his pale thighs, watched his professor’s long white digits slide gracefully through his shivering hole, vanishing past a dark pink ring of muscle, and he felt his cock start to harden at the strange feeling of pressure against his insides. Harry dropped his head down onto the bed and closed his eyes, mortified.

Snape smirked as the teen’s penis began to swell under his steady stroking, pleased at Harry’s responsiveness. Finally, after a short period of time, a dainty erection lay bobbing against the pale stomach, small drops of clear precum sticking to the skin below. The Potions Master widened his fingers and pressed upwards, avoiding the small bundle of nerves that was there. He caressed Harry’s insides until the younger man was whimpering and slowly rocking back onto the digits examining him.

“Besides that, you’ll have a special plug that will stretch your rectum. It will widen over time and will make it easier to have large objects inside of you.”

Harry whimpered as Snape began to spread the three fingers repeatedly. Hazy green eyes opened and looked at him in confusion, the mind behind them barely catching the older man’s words.

“It will take several weeks, and I’m sure you will be quite upset with me by the end of things, but it’s for your own good. If I let your rectum remain as tight as it is, you’ll always find insertion uncomfortable. We’ll talk about this more tonight in my office after dinner. For right now, I’ll be rubbing a potion into your rectum and part of your colon that will help with the small bit of bleeding and the tenderness, it may have a diarrhetic effect but that’s normal for some people.”

Snape lifted a large vile filled with thick purple liquid from the tray and uncorked it. He mixed the contents with the lube in the jar, coated his fingers with the mixed salve, and continued to play with Harry’s greedy hole for another half hour before hearing the six thirty bell chime, signaling that dinner would be in an hour. He pulled his fingers out of Harry and wiped them off on the nearby towel. He then opened the package sitting on the bed beside him and pulled out a wipe, running it over Harry’s exposed hole, groin, and thighs before throwing it away. Another pillow was transfigured much to Harry’s disdain.

“It’s a diaper.” Harry grumbled uncomfortably, trying to hide his already-noticed erection from Snape.

“Think of it as you will, you’re wearing it. There’s still solution inside of you and you don’t want to ruin your clothes. You’ll thank me.” Harry’s scowl was quite good, even if it didn’t sway Snape.

Once the diaper was fit snug around Harry, and the extra padding was readjusted to fit over his leaking hole, Snape dressed Harry. He held Dudley’s old pants open and told Harry to lean on his shoulder as he stepped in. The older man pulled them up and shrunk them to fit Harry’s smaller frame, adding a couple spells that had the younger man curious.

“The first spell was one to dispel odor. The second was to keep your pants up until I speak a release spell. I don’t want you leaving the feast for any reason. You’ll attend, eat everything that appears on your plate, drink whatever is in your goblet and nothing more, and then you will chat with your friends until the end. At the end of dinner you’ll come to my office so I can clean you out. If you disobey the instructions I just gave you, I will not clean you out but give you another punishment. Do you understand me Harry?”

Harry nodded fearfully and let Snape pull the shirt over his head and then the robe. Snape straightened them and when he was pleased he pulled Harry into his arms for a hug. The teen went easily enough, still scared from the man’s threat of another punishment. Snape pulled him closer and placed a kiss on the top of Harry’s head. Harry looked up at him in astonishment and a small, vulnerable, smile curved his lips.

The sixth year gave a surprised squawk when his Professor picked him up and blushed as he was situated to sit on the man’s hip like a small child, his erection pressing against the older man’s side. Harry let out a humiliated whimper at the pressure against his straining cock and tried to pull away, but the Potions Master held him firmly against his side, refusing to allow any space between his side and Harry’s upright prick. Snape held him there, right hand under his bum and left curved around his back, and Harry held him back with his head nestled in the strong man’s hot neck.

“Sir?” He asked hesitantly.

“Yes Harry?”

“Is my hole really that tight?” The innocent question asked in such an insecure way set blood pooling in Snape's cock and he wrapped Harry’s legs around him tighter, to avoid the teen brushing against his erection. There would be time for that later.

“I’m afraid that it is, Harry. It’s very, very, tight and I’ll have to stretch you with my fingers every morning and night. You’ll also wear your plug all day to help stretch you further. We’ll clean you out and then stretch you and plug you up and then you’ll go on your way, whether to class or bed. It’s very important that you never skip a stretching. I’ll have to punish you if you do.”

Harry nodded nervously; he really didn’t like to be punished. Of course everything so far just sounded like an excuse for Snape to use him, he’d have to ask Hermione, but even if it was like that, he didn’t want another punishment like todays.

“I’m sorry, Sir; for acting so horribly.”

“Apology accepted. If I was still angry I might have made you apologize to not only the teachers but the students as well. However, I think you’ve learned your lesson and will behave more appropriately from now on, correct?”

“Yes Sir.” Harry said meekly. He really had to ask Hermione if what Snape did to him was legal.

Snape held him on his hip a few minutes more, Harry enjoying it far more than he thought he should, and then lowered Harry to the floor. He reminded the teen once more to only eat or drink what was on his plate or goblet, to stay for dinner’s entirety, and to come to his office straight after. Harry nodded his acceptance, and Snape turned him towards the door and smacked his bum, making Harry jump and glare. Snape smirked and told Harry to leave for dinner before he was late. Harry grumbled and trudged out the door, his gate uncomfortable with the diaper filling his pants.

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Snape watched the young man leave and smirked to himself as he cleaned up the mess left behind. He straightened his robes, giving his erection an idle tug and imagined it was Harry’s hands or the teen’s hot mouth and swollen lips on him. He left the hospital wing for the great hall, and on the way passed by the library to corner the Granger twit in a back corner, reading feverishly through the school’s charter. He activated the potion and went on his way, smirking at the orders he had given the little know-it-all bitch. Won’t the Grangers be pleased when their precious Hermione came home knocked up?

The kitchen was easier, giving the elves orders about what to feed Harry and handing over the nutrient potions to slip into his food and drink, a balanced dinner was important if the Gryffindor was to gain weight. The elves would give Harry large portions, and if he finished them he would get chocolate pudding for dessert with a glass of water.

Snape exited the kitchen and strolled towards the great hall with a satisfied smirk and plans for Harry forming in his mind.


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