How Much Is Oman Employment Visa - Promo Panda (2023)

How Much Is Oman Employment Visa - Promo Panda (1)

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Finding employment in another country is no easy task, but it is possible! Even if you are not sure what kind of work will be available to you, or even if you have no experience working abroad, there are many ways to get professional help.

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There are several websites that offer help to aspiring expatriates by listing all of the different types of jobs and the visa requirements for each. Some of these sites also include tips for how to improve your career prospects through online networking and targeted marketing.

Many times, employers advertise open positions via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. If you are looking to gain some new experiences, this can be helpful as potential employers may contact you for an interview if they see you are active on those sites.

In fact, most major companies actively recruit on social media sites because of their low overhead cost. And while they might pay for advertising services directly on the site, they’ll often use a third-party service to manage their accounts so they don’t have to worry about costs.

What does visa mean?

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To apply for work in Oman, you will need to have proof that you meet their requirements under their Worker Visas section. This includes having an active passport, documents proving your identity (such as a driver’s license or passport), along with confirmation of employment within the country.

Oman has some of the most relaxed immigration laws in the entire region, making it easy to live and work there. They also offer many residency programs through social media sites like Facebook and YouTube. Many people find this helpful as it makes applying for citizenship much simpler.


Since they don’t require any specific medical coverage, you can choose what insurance company you want to use for your health plan. Some even let you pick your own doctor so you get to choose who you want to look after you!

While working here is totally legal, just be sure to follow local regulations and do not overstep your boundaries. For example, never put yourself in situations where you could be paid more than allowed or misuse government resources.

Is an employment visa required for Oman?

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Being able to work in your own country is not only great for your financial situation, but it also gives you more opportunity to explore other parts of the world. Luckily, with this article, we can talk about how much is needed for an employment visa in Oman!

Overseas workers are allowed to live and work in Oman for a year without a visa if they meet specific requirements. This includes having a job offer that cannot be cancelled within a one-month period or no formal retirement plans. If these conditions are met then their passport will be stamped ‘Work Permit’ instead of an employment visa.

However, even though there is no requirement for an employment visa, most employers do require at least two years of working experience under their belt. It is important to check whether this condition has been removed before applying for citizenship or residence here.

Who can apply for an Oman visa?

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An employment visa is only granted to individuals who are looking for work in Oman. You must also have proof that you will be able to provide adequate housing and subsistence while living in Oman.

Individuals from all countries can apply for this visa, but it is not practical for people with limited resources or no family members in the country. Only one person per sponsor is allowed to enter Oman on an employment visa, so make sure your plans are solid before you apply!


You cannot use the employment visa to visit Oman for tourism or to study, the two main reasons most people apply for this type of visa. More information about studying in Oman can be found at Study in Oman – Tips For Students.

If you already have working holiday visa (WHV) status in another country, you do NOT need to reapply for an Oman visa as long as you fulfill the requirements listed above. Check out our article: Revalidation of Working Holiday VISA’S IN OMAN.

What are the different types of Oman visas?

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To live in or work for more than 30 days in any given 180 day period in an OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) country like Singapore, you need to have either an employment visa or visit visa.

Oman is one such country where this rule applies. You will need to be able at a minimum hold an entry level working permit if you want to work here. This can be as simple as holding a passport with enough validity to cover your stay, but most likely requiring having an Omani residency card or work visa.

It’s also important to remember that even if you don’t require permission to work while you’re in the country, it won’t do you any good. If you’re found by immigration officials to be working without a valid visa they’ll send you home immediately!

So make sure you’ve got everything you need before you travel. It would also help if you were aware of which kind of visa you needed so you’d know what to look for when buying or renewing one.

What are the different locations in Oman for work visas?

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The most common way to obtain employment visa is through your employer or company that you will be working with while studying here. This is typically a VISA TYPE Z (Work) which only requires one week of stay per year.

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Another option is the OMAN WORK SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM, where there are many universities all over the country that offer degrees at very low cost. You can apply directly to these programs without having to find an employer first!

Yet another possibility is the INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE PROGRAMS like CELSA.

Are there any limitations on work visas in Oman?

There are no restrictions on employment visa types for workers coming to Oman, except for how many working days you can spend outside of your home country per year. This is determined by what’s called the Working Holiday Maker (WHM) visa category. You need to know though that this doesn’t apply to all countries!

Some WHM visa-paired nations don’t allow you to take more than six months off within a two-year period. Others let you keep traveling as long as you have a passport with at least six months left before it expires!

That being said, if you’re looking to live and work in Sultanate Arabia then an Oman Work Visas will definitely help you out.

What are the requirements for an Oman work visa?

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To apply for work in Oman, you will first need to be eligible to live and work there as a foreigner. This means that you must have a passport from a member state of the United Nations (like Canada or England), as well as valid visas for your home country and Oman.

Once you have this, you can head over to one of Oman’s many embassies to obtain your Work VISA!

It is important to note that different countries require differing amounts of money when it comes to staying abroad. For example, some only require around $500 per month while others ask for much more.

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What are the costs of an Oman work visa?

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The last thing you want to do is spend money on things that don’t help you achieve your goal, which is working in Oman. Therefore, before you even think about applying for an Oman employment visa, you should know how much it will cost!

There are several factors that can add to the overall cost of living outside the country, not just visas. This includes fees for international flights, accommodation, food, entertainment, etc. Add these together and you get very expensive, especially if you're coming back home empty-handed.


How much is Oman employment visa? ›

What Is the Cost for an Oman Work Visa? To file for an Oman work visa or employment visa, Indians have to pay 20 Omani Royals.

How much is Oman visa online? ›

The fee to apply for an unsponsored tourist visa for Oman, with a stay limit of 30 days is approximately AED 50 (5 Omani Riyal approx.). This visa will be valid for a month after the approval of the application.

How much is 3 months Oman visa? ›

The price of an Oman family visit visa in 2023 is around 20 OMR or 51 USD.

How much can a work visa cost? ›

USCIS Standard Fees
CategoryUSCIS fees in U.S. dollars (valid until further notice)
I-129 (Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker)$ 460
I-140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker$ 700
I-539 Application to Extend / Change Nonimmigrant Status$ 370
I-765 Application for Employment Authorization$ 410
1 more row

How much is visa fee in Oman 2022? ›

The introduced new fees are ranging between OMR 140, which is for work permit of domestic workers and the like, to OMR 2,000, which is for top positions as classified by the MOL and specified professions set out in the MD or for employees with monthly salary of OMR 4,000 & above, regardless of their occupation.

Is Oman visa free for US citizens? ›

U.S. citizens should apply for tourist visas in advance via the Royal Oman Police E-Visa website. Tourist visas are also available upon arrival at airports and land crossings. Visas are issued at Mazoonah and Sarfait (Oman-Yemen land borders) on a case-by-case basis.

How much does it cost to get a visa? ›

India offers different types of electronic visas, including tourist e-visa, business e-visa, and conference e-visa. The cost of an e-tourist visa can fall anywhere between $69 to $141. Alternatively, a business e-visa can cost you around $175, and the Indian e-visa fees for a conference visa is around $155.

How long does it take to get an E visa for Oman? ›

What Is The Oman Visa Processing Time? The standard visa processing time for the Oman eVisa is about 3 business days. Therefore, I recommend you submit an Oman tourist eVisa application at least 4 business days before the intended entry to Oman.

How can I get Oman work visa? ›

Process of sponsoring worker:
  1. Procuring a Labor License. ...
  2. Employer Documentation Required. ...
  3. Job offer to the employee. ...
  4. Issuance of employment visa. ...
  5. Employer Documentation Required. ...
  6. Issuance of residence card. ...
  7. Employee Documentation Required. ...
  8. Obtaining a No Objection Certificate.

Can I change my tourist visa to work visa in Oman? ›

Competent authorities can convert the following visas stipulated in the Foreigners' Residence Law, into a work visa or temporary work visa: “A visit visa issued to residents of GCC countries, a visit visa issued to meet relatives and friends in the country, single-entry tourist visas (valid for up to 10 days or a month ...

How much is overstay in Oman? ›

Fines for late renewal or non-registration of the residence permit is (50) fifty Omani Riyals per month.

How much does a 90 day visa cost? ›

All About the K-1 Visa | Fiance Visa | 90 Day Visa

It costs $535. The medical examination, which costs around $200, but the price may change depending on the medical service center. The actual K-1 visa application. It costs $265.

Who pays for employment visa? ›

A lot of people looking to secure U.S. work visas like the H-1B wonder who pays the fees: the employer or the prospective employee? Generally speaking, the employer must pay for the attorney fees and government filing fees associated with the H-1B petition and Labor Condition Application.

How much does a sponsorship visa cost? ›

This application is made up of two parts: Nomination fee: $540 and Visa fees of $4,240 for the main applicant, $2,120 for a partner (and any child over 18) and $1,060 for each child under 18 years of age.

How do I pay my visa fee from USA? ›

Required immigrant visa fees may be paid at the Embassy or Consulate in cash (in U.S. dollar or Indian Rupee) or by a rupee bank draft drawn on a nationalized or foreign bank.

Is US license valid in Oman? ›

The drivers must have the license and the passport in their possession at the time of stay in Oman. Visitors with valid European, American, GCC or an International driving license can drive rental cars in Oman, according to an official at the car rental company.

Can I drive in Oman with US license? ›

It is a legal requirement for visitors to have a valid International Driving Permit (IDP) in order to rent a car and legally drive in Oman. All visitors who plan to drive in Oman must make sure they obtain an IDP in their home country or country of residence before they travel.

How long can a US citizen stay in Oman? ›

The 1 year eVisa is a Multiple Entry. The others are a Single Entry. US citizens can enter Oman for a maximum of 30 days Per Entry, 30 days in Total, or 10 days Per Entry, depending the choice of your eVisa.

Which country visa is cheapest? ›

Cheapest Countries to Visit
  • Bolivia.
  • Cambodia.
  • Vietnam.
  • Thailand.
  • Egypt.
  • Morocco.
  • Turkey.
  • Portugal.
May 9, 2022

Which is the highest visa fees in the world? ›

Which is the most expensive VISA in the world? Russian VISA is really expensive (around 386 CAD), but if you are planning to visit Moscow and St. Petersburg you should check one of our tours to Russia. Our travel experts will help you in preparing all the documentation for it!

How long does it take to get your visa approved? ›

The entire visa application processing takes somewhere between two weeks and four months, depending on the type of visa.

How can I get visa approved faster? ›

You can generally request expedited processing by calling the USCIS Contact Center at 800-375-5283 (TTY 800-767-1833) or by asking Emma after you have obtained a receipt notice. (You can access Emma by clicking on the Ask Emma icon on the top right of this page).

Can I get Oman visa on arrival? ›

Oman visa on arrival latest news & updates 2022

Oman currently allows all GCC residents holding a valid residence and work visa (with a minimum validity of three months) granted by the immigration authorities of GCC countries to be issued on-arrival visas for a fee.

How do I know if my visa is approved? ›

At the end of your immigrant visa interview, the consular officer will inform you whether your visa application is approved or denied. Some visa applications require further administrative processing, which takes additional time after the visa applicant's interview by a consular officer.

Which work visa is easiest to get? ›

Easiest countries to get a work visa
  • The Netherlands. The Netherlands has a flexible attitude to work visas. ...
  • Cambodia. Another favourite of the expat community, Cambodia is one of the most popular destinations for relocated workers. ...
  • Germany. ...
  • Ireland.

Is Oman started issuing employment visa now? ›

Oman resumes issuance of work visas, tourist visas still on hold.

Why is Oman visa rejected? ›

Visa Rejection Causes

If you have any criminal charges or any criminal offense then you have to suffer Oman visa rejection. Too long stay or staying in the country forever is not possible on wrong visa. It is obvious that your visa will not be accepted.

What is the age limit for work visa in Oman? ›

Oman work visa is a work permit for foreign employees who are between the ages of 21 and 60 and who have received a job offer from an Omani company. The employer becomes the visa sponsor and will usually obtain the necessary visas and permits from the Ministry of Manpower.

Can you get in trouble for working on a tourist visa? ›

Hiring people without a permit or with a tourist status is more fraught with repercussions for the employer with a fine of around $900. And in case the employer does this intentionally, and repeatedy (Pattern and Practice), a criminal case may be initiated.

How many days can I stay in Oman after my visa expires? ›

The fines will be collected when: A person on any visit visa overstays the allowed period in excess of 24 hours from the date of visa expiry. A person on any residence visa overstays the allowed period in excess of 30 days from the date of visa expiry.

Can you go to jail for overstaying your visa? ›

You may receive a “final order of removal” should the United States government realize you are unlawfully present. This edict requires you to leave the country within 90 days of its issuing. Ignoring or defying this order can lead to even greater consequences, including fines and up to 4 years of jail time.

Can an overstay be forgiven? ›

If you're a visa holder and you remain in the United States past the “admit until date” listed on your Form I-94 (also called the “Arrival/Departure Record”), you are overstaying your visa. If this happens, you can get visa overstay forgiveness by applying for a waiver.

What is the fine for overstaying employment visa in Oman? ›

Employment contracting visa fees

The visa fee for an Employment Contracting Visa is OMR 20 (USD 51.94). Please note that a fine of OMR 10 (USD 25.97) per day will be charged for overstaying.

How much does a work visa cost in USA? ›

Visa Types and Application Fee Amounts

The application fee for the most common nonimmigrant visa types is US$160. This includes tourist, business, student, and exchange visas. Most petition-based visas, such as work and religious visas, are US$190. K visas cost US$265 and the fee amount for E visas is US$205.

How much does a 10 year visa cost? ›

What does a tourist visa cost to visit the US? According to the State Department, it costs $160 per person to apply for a tourist visa. They can be valid for up to 10 years, depending on the applicant's nationality.

How much does a permanent US visa cost? ›

The USCIS Immigrant Fee is $220.00.

What is the difference between work visa and employment visa? ›

One of the major differences between a work permit and an employment visa is two different government authorities issue them. An employment visa is issued by the General Directorate of Residency Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) and the work permit will be issued to the Ministry of Human Resources of Emiratisation (MOHRE).

Do you have to pay for work visa? ›

If you are applying for an employer-specific work permit, you must pay the work permit processing fee. If you are applying for an open work permit, you usually have to pay the open work permit holder fee and the work permit processing fee at the same time.

Who is eligible for employment visa? ›

An Employment visa is granted to a foreigner who is a highly skilled and/or qualified professional. Employment Visa shall not be granted – (i) for jobs for which qualified Indians are available and (ii) for routine, ordinary or secretarial/clerical jobs.

Can you get a visa without a sponsor? ›

Yes, it is possible to obtain a work visa without sponsorship from an employer in the United States. There are three types of visas that allow this, and they are known as EB-1, O-1, and EB-5. An immigration attorney can help with obtaining one of these visas.

When should I pay the visa fee? ›

Applicants must make a successful payment before they are permitted to schedule their interview appointment. Applicants who do not pay the correct fee for their visa type may be restricted from scheduling an interview.

How should visa fees be paid? ›

After completing the online application form, you must pay the VFS Global service fee of R1350 via debit / credit card or cash deposit in order to schedule an appointment at the VFS Global Visa and Permit Facilitation Centre (“VFS Global Centre”).

Can you pay visa fee online? ›

You will need a bank routing number and a checking or savings account number from a U.S. based bank. To pay your fee, log into your case in CEAC and click the 'PAY NOW' button under Affidavit of Support Fee or IV Fee on your summary page.

How long is working visa in Oman? ›

The duration of the employment visa is limited to two years from the date of entry. Even after entry, the employee is not allowed to work until all the necessary applications are processed, including the residence permit.

What is employment single visa for Oman? ›

Overview. It is granted at the request of a local sponsor and on his responsibility to a foreigner who comes to Oman for employment after a getting work permit from the Ministry of Manpower. His / her age should not be less than 21 years and not exceed 60 years.

How long does it take to get Oman employment visa 2022? ›

Processing time: 1 week A final residence ID Card application must be filed with the local Directorates General of Civil Status. A sample signature and biometric information such as a passport photo and fingerprints will be taken at the appointment and the card should be created within 15-30 minutes.

Can employment visa be rejected? ›

If a consular officer finds you are not eligible to receive a visa under U.S. law, your visa application will be denied (refused), and you will be provided a reason for the denial. There are many reasons a visa applicant could be found ineligible for a visa.

What is the basic salary in Oman? ›

What is the minimum salary in Sultanate Of oman? Minimum salary at Sultanate Of oman depends on the role you are applying for. For Worker the minimum salary is ₹1.5 Lakhs per year, for Light Driver the minimum salary is ₹4.5 Lakhs per year and so on.


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