Keep Breathing Season 1 Episode 1 Recap (2023)

Arrivals – As the first episode of Breathe begins, Liv (Melissa Barrera) listens to a baby cry at the airport. She receives a call from a woman who wants to know where she is. Liv tells her that she has to go out of town and everything is in the email she sent. In a flashback, she is introduced to Danny who is brought over in the merger. She confirms she still wants Danny in on this because he is a great lawyer, but it isn’t her call. Liv tells Ruth goodbye and hangs up. Olivia learns that the plane is being delayed due to the wind in Outer Rapids today. The receptionist offers to get her a flight tomorrow, but Liv needs to get to Inuvik today. She is trying to meet someone before they leave again and she doesn’t know Liv is coming. The receptionist apologizes and admits she won’t be able to help her.

In a flashback, Liv’s mom paints while telling her that she looks just like her when she was her age. Liv hears two guys talking about traveling past the Inuvik so she asks them to take her along. Sam tells her that it wouldn’t be a good idea since they’re doing it for work and they could be liable if something happens. She offers them a thousand dollars each, but they quickly turn that down too. Liv gets loud and shouts that she just wants to sit on their plane. Sam relents and agrees to take her to Inuvik before introducing her to their pilot George (Mike Dopud). Before long, the plane is in the air and they’re traveling toward their destination. Sam (Austin Stowell) asks if she is a nervous flyer. She describes herself as a nervous crasher. Sam explains that the mixtures of hot and cold air make for a rough ride.

When Liv gets her phone from her bag, we see something with Peru on the front. She finds a message from Danny before George warns her no cell phones because she’ll mess with the instrument. She turns down a drink and power bar. Sam asks if she has ever been to Inuvik. He tells her that he is shooting the caribou run and that is why he is coming up here. He reiterates by saying he is a photographer for National Geographic. As for Liv, she calls herself a securities litigator. Sam confesses he just goes where they tell him. He will be sitting in a camouflage tent with a thermos full of coffee and about 8,000 cameras waiting for anything with antlers to run by. Sam claims she is going to Inuvik for boring lawyer stuff even though Sam says it sounded like an emergency at the airport. Liv decides to take a nap. She listens to a soothing speech while trying to relax.

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In a flashback, she meets with Ruth (Getenesh Berhe) who said she was having a crisis. She admits the crisis is that Liv never comes to these things. Liv wants to work, but Ruth tells her to beat Danny at darts. She tells Danny that she can’t stay long. They believe Ruth is trying to set them up. Liv admits it isn’t appropriate, but they’re not technically at work. Once she wakes up, she realizes that something is wrong with the plane. She is told to put on her seatbelt and does just before the plane crashes into the water. Liv wakes up moments later and frees herself from the seatbelt. Then, she manages to help Sam who reveals he cannot swim. George’s leg is stuck. Liv asks Sam about flotation devices so he says he’ll check. Liv tries to help George, but an object is sticking through his leg. Sam opens the door because he worries the plane is going to sink.

She continues trying to help George who pleads with her not to leave him. Soon, they’re underwater and she has no choice but to leave him. Once she reaches the water’s surface, Sam yells for help and pulls her underwater. She attempts to keep him calm and instructs him to kick his legs. She makes it to land only to find that Sam is unresponsive. While inspecting him, she notices a piece of metal sticking from his leg. She grabs it as Liv begins screaming. Sam warns he’ll bleed out if she pulls it out of his leg. Instead, he instructs her to make a tourniquet. She uses his belt but can’t get it tight enough. Sam passes out once again. Liv uses a stick and her scarf to create a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. However, she can’t keep it tight. She uses another piece of cloth to tie the stick in place.

After listening to Sam’s heartbeat, Liv grabs her phone to call 911 but the call won’t go through. She searches Sam’s pockets and finds a lighter and his phone. However, that phone doesn’t have service. Liv squeezes water from her clothes and hair before telling Sam she is going to travel higher to try to get service. She reaches a peak and sees the vast wilderness around her, but still cannot get a signal on either phone. No one hears her when she begins screaming. Liv returns to check on Sam before attempting to start a fire only to find that the lighter doesn’t work. She finds water and two bars. Then, Liv collects more limbs and branches. She lays down next to Sam and covers them with the branches. She dreams about her time with Danny. In the morning, Liv checks on Sam’s injury. He wakes up and begins complaining about his stomach hurting.

After his shirt is lifted, we see that his stomach is badly bruised. Sam asks about the plane and George. Liv believes they can wait for them to come, but Sam says they’re not coming. Sam argues that nobody is going to come because he isn’t a photographer. He tells her she is on her own just before he passes away too. Liv pulls her ultrasound out of the water.

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Keep Breathing Review

The first episode of Keep Breathing had some interesting ideas although it is hard to get excited about it. Certain performances were less than stellar, especially those at the airport. There isn’t much in terms of new material here so far since this subject has been dealt with numerous times already. The flashbacks aren’t really necessary and just fill gaps between the survivalist action.

The scenery is nice for the most part even though the series didn’t seem authentically expansive in the first episode. Truthfully, this could become exciting, but it depends on how well the survival aspects of the show are executed. The first episode didn’t have a lot to offer in this category.

If it focuses too much on the flashbacks, it’ll get dragged down by its own weight. I could see it becoming uneventful with one character being all alone in the wilderness though. While I am not hooked yet, the episode was competent and engaging once Liv got on the airplane. The episode scores an 5.5 out of 10. Recaps of Keep Breathing can be found on Reel Mockery here. Learn how to support us at this link.

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Who was pregnant in Keep Breathing? ›

It also turns out that Liv's pregnant, and that she was looking for the mother who abandoned her as a child so she could see whether she would actually be a good mom. In the final episodes, through memories and hallucinations, Liv finds a path to healing from her trauma, and maybe getting out of the intense ordeal.

What was on Sam's stomach in Keep Breathing? ›

Sam was injured by a piece of metal and bled profusely from his leg. Liv used his belt to make a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. The next morning, Sam felt severe abdominal pains, revealed to be due to internal bleeding.

What is the point of the flashbacks in Keep Breathing? ›

Through those flashbacks and reflections you see Liv begin to work through her trauma to define who she is rather than her trying to live under the yearning approval from a mother who long left her behind. And what emerges is a new Liv who is more confident with herself and how she sees herself in the world.

Did Liv survive in Keep Breathing? ›

Show creators Brendan Gall and Martin Gero have now confirmed that Liv is alive at the end of Keep Breathing, but whether her visions are real is a different story. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Gall said, "The ending is literal in that she survives. We see her wake up again and take that breath.

Does Laura keep the baby? ›

Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) survived the tunnel attack at the end of the first movie, but she lost her unborn baby.

How did Liz survive in oxygen? ›

'Liz' gets one final burst of life though and rediverts power to the broken processor in her pod to reactivate hypersleep. With her oxygen now below 2% though, she won't be able to be resuscitated. However, MILO tells her he can move the oxygen from the destroyed pods to hers, saving her life while she's in hypersleep.

What were the drugs in Keep Breathing? ›

And there is no question that this will be confirmed when she rescues their kitbags from the submerged plane and finds them full of money and tubs of opiates. They were drug-smuggling across the border in their rickety private plane!

Where was Liv trying to go in Keep Breathing? ›

The quant Canadian town currently has a population of around 3,400 people. In Keep Breathing, Liv is trying to get to Inuvik to reunite with her estranged mother. Her commercial flight gets delayed, so she takes a private flight with two strangers, which later crashes into a lake in the Canadian wilderness.

How did Liv get out of the hole Keep Breathing? ›

Luckily for Liv, she finally gets rescued by two fishermen nearby. They take her to shore and she wakes up, cough up water a few seconds later. Throughout the rescue scene, the show cuts away to a hospital where Liv gives birth to her baby with Danny (Jeff Wilbusch) by her side.

Why did we evolve breathing? ›

The synthesis of oxygen and evolution of the ability to respire is a key factor in development of complex lifeforms on Earth. The reason we breathe in oxygen is because it's a highly reactive molecule that can combine with the compounds in our food to build new molecules and release energy.

Is Keep Breathing based on a true story? ›

As far as we know, the series is not based on any particular true story. That doesn't mean the writers weren't inspired by a real event in history, but they did not use any specific event to write the scripts for this show.

What was the message in flashback? ›

Christopher MacBride's film Flashback stars Dylan O'Brien as Fred Fitzell, a young man who goes back into his past looking for answers about a missing girl. It leads to a trippy tale about the illusion of time, the burden of growing up, and the choices we make, consciously or unconsciously, that define us.

Is Joe's baby his? ›

The real father is Milo.

Yes, Love told Joe that Milo wasn't the baby's father, but Love could have been lying and desperate, knowing that Joe would not have stayed (or may have even killed her) if he knew that she was pregnant with someone else's child.

Who played Liv as a child in Keep Breathing? ›

Joselyn Picard: Young Liv

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Does Mimi get to keep the child? ›

The couple is devastated at the news, and they decide to return home, leaving behind their unborn baby and Mimi. Through Bhanu, they inform Mimi to abort the child.

Who is Mike at the end of Keep Breathing? ›

At the end, it ends with "for Mike." What was that dedication for? GERO: Mike Banas was an editor on [Keep Breathing] for episodes four and five, he touched six. He has been our main editor for 15 years going all the way back to, for me Stargate and for Brendan The LA Complex.


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