Taylor Swift's 'Folklore' Songs Ranked - Worst to First! (2023)

Fans have been patiently waiting for a new record from Taylor Swift ever since the release of Loverin 2019. A wonderful swift surprise came on the 23rd of July 2020, when she gave them less than 24 hours to prepare for her eighth studio album,Folklore.It arrived and boy did it impress.

Genius lyrics, vivid storytelling, and charming melodies – everything on Folklore is immaculate, it’s been difficult nailing down the “worst” songs. But we promised…

So, without further ado, here’s our list of Folklore songs ranked from worst to first…

16. Epiphany

Like we said, choosing the “worst” song on Folklore was incredibly difficult. But we’re ranking every track in order of greatness, so here goes. Epiphany is beautiful. In fact, it’s so beautiful, it brings on the tears, uncontrollable, waves of tears. Taylor’s haunting vocals tell a raw, heartbreaking story that’s relatable to many right now – the lyrics, “holds your hand through plastic now, Doc, I think she’s crashing out” tells us this song might be about someone suffering from Covid-19.


15. Hoax

Hoaxis a fine way to close the album. This one satisfies your ears with its dreamy piano melody although it triggers some emotions, making us think Taylor may or may not have split from her current boyfriend, Joe. Soft vocals and a lullaby vibe is enough to makeHoaxa decent (but not the best) song onFolklore.

14. This is Me Trying

This is me crying…Enteral, melancholic, and magnificent are three words to perfectly describe this song. This is Me Tryingis yet another of Taylor’s mellow numbers and it just so happens to sound like a Lana Del Rey knock-off – a brilliant one, that is. With lyrics like “I got wasted like all my potential” and “Pouring out my heart to a stranger, but I didn’t pour the whiskey”, this self-written song proves Taylor’s great writing skills as usual.

13. Illicit Affairs

Illicit Affairsis the gentle, soothing song we never knew we needed. Taylor croons about a deceitful relationship and lets listeners in on her sneaky little secret. With clever lyrics that many fans will resonate with,Illicit Affairs is surely one of the best – lyrically – on the album. “For you, I would ruin myself a million little times” – we felt that.

12. Peace

Taylor sings to her beau, Joe in this tender love song, telling him that she can never give him “peace”. Probably due to her fame and celebrity lifestyle, it’s clear that Taylor wishes she could sometimes have it another way. The melody is delicate and subdued, but the lyrics stand out for this very reason – “All these people think love’s for show, but I would die for you in secret“. Oh and our jawsmayhave dropped when she sang “Give you my wild, give you a child”…

11. Seven

An ode to her childhood and old friendships, Sevenis a masterpiece we can all identify with. The nostalgic lyrics about childhood dreams and sweet reunions are sung so soothingly by Swift over a tender guitar. We love this one and we’re probably not the only ones to add it to our playlist.

(Video) ranking every song on 'folklore' by taylor swift!

10. Invisible String

Invisible String has a glittering production that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. As soon as we slip on the headphones and press play, we feel cozy. The perfect love song is folk at its finest and is possibly one of the only tracks Taylor sounds positive on. Oh and thatBad Bloodshout-out – awesome!

9. Mirrorball

This is just as shimmery and shiny as a mirrorball itself. Sounding like it’s pulled straight out of a classic 90’s teen movie, the sweet indie sounds from this track are truly memorable. Magical lyrics and tranquilizing vocals, Taylor done a great job on this one. Where’s the replay button?

8. My Tears Ricochet

The first half of this song sounds mediocre and very much indistinguishable from its fellow tracks. With a little patience though, as soon as the second bridge is over (right about the halfway mark), we’re wowed with a wonderful, euphoric eruption of heightened instrumentals and background vocals.My Tears Ricochet is hauntingly beautiful and certainly one of the best on Folklore.

How much do you know about the popstar? Check out our list of fun facts about Taylor!

7. Exile – feat. Bon Iver

Exile is the only song on Folklore with a collaboration and boy is it glorious. Bon Iver’s iconic low and hypnotizing vocals are beautifully harmonized with Tay’s airy voice, delivering a raw piece that immediately blows you away. Let’s not even bring up the tragic lyrics, the instrumental alone is hair-raising enough.

(Video) Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift (Debut) Ranked WORST to BEST

6. The 1

Taylor may be loved up with Joe Alwyn at the moment, but in this track, she reminisces about a past lover from her “roaring twenties”. The singer proves once again that she’s a lyrical genius with tender words like, “Rosé flowing with your chosen family, And it would’ve been sweet If it could’ve been me.” The 1is certainly a keeper.

5. Cardigan

The lead single to drop off Folkloreis the 5th best song in our ranking.Cardigan sounds just as enchanting as its video visuals and is yet another Lana Del Rey-esque hit. Metaphorically describing herself as a cardigan, the jazzy song hears the pop princess sing about an old flame and gives fans who are going through heartbreak all they need to hear.

4. The Last Great American Dynasty

Taylor is back in her comfort zone in The Last Great American Dynasty what with the storytelling and cute and bubbly beat. This song is a diamond thanks to its wonderful references to Rebekah Harness, a famous eccentric composer who was “the maddest woman this town has ever seen”. Taylor clearly identifies with this character who has “a marvelous time ruining everything”. This is a favorite of ours simply for being a fabulous pop track.

3. Mad Woman

Once again, Tay brings up a “mad woman”, probably referring to her unwanted reputation in the media and her ongoing public feuds with Scooter Braun and former label Big Machine Records. She sings powerful and hair-raising lyrics over a twinkling piano and beautiful guitar strings and even drops the F-bomb for the first time in her musical library. Taylor may be angry at being labelled “mad”, yet she makes her bitterness sound deliciously sweet in this song.

2. Betty

Betty is ranked as the second best song on Folklore. Sounding like traditional Taylor, this song beautifully blends folk with country and features the star’s signature lovable vocals. Taylor tells a love story from the point of view of a seventeen year old someone named “James”. With lyrics so vivid, we’ve already made a movie in our heads. That harmonica alone is enough to make this second-best on the album. We love you, Betty!

(Video) Taylor Swift - Evermore - Ranked WORST to BEST ❄️

1. August

And so we land at the top spot – the best song onFolkloreis without a doubt,August.Taylor displays her raspy vocals on top of an upbeat and summery melody, that takes us back to a romance with a high school sweetheart. While the lyrics aren’t the happiest, the overall delivery is bittersweet and we love it. Excuse us as we play this in the car with the top down and the wind rushing through our hair – sorry, we may have gotten a little too lost in this song, but can you blame us?

It sure is easy to get lost in the lyrics of anything Taylor writes. And yet, with Folklore, we also got lost in its wonderful production and Taylor’s dreamy vocals. Her eighth studio album is certainly one that has left a mark on us, we cant wait to press play again.

What was your favorite song onFolklore? What does your ranking look like? Let us know in the comments below…

We’ve ranked the songs on Evermore and Reputation, too!


What was the most successful song on folklore? ›

Its lead single, “Cardigan,” soared to number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 record chart. There are 16 songs on the Folklore album, so let's rank them all from worst to best (but let's face it: none of them are bad).

What is Taylor Swift's biggest hit song? ›

Taylor Swift's Official Top 20 biggest singles
16 more rows
Dec 22, 2022

What was Taylor Swift's first number one hit song? ›

The lead single from Swift's fourth studio album Red (2012), "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together", was her first number one in the United States and New Zealand. Another Red single, "I Knew You Were Trouble", became an international top-five chart hit.

What is Taylor Swift's least popular album? ›

At the bottom of the ranking is Swift's self-titled debut album. Released in 2006, Swift's first studio album is so country that newer fans may barely recognize the songstress' sound considering she has experimented with a number of other genres since then.

What is the #1 most played song? ›

"Blinding Lights" by the Weeknd (pictured) is the most-streamed song of all time on Spotify, with over 3.4 billion streams as of March 2023.

What is the 1 song of all time? ›

Top 10 songs of all time (1958–2021)
RankSingleYear(s) released
1."Blinding Lights"2019
2."The Twist"1960, 1961 ( re )
4."Mack the Knife"1959
6 more rows

What are Taylor Swift fans called? ›

While fans are known as "Swifties," Taylor Swift nicknames come in a much larger variety.

What is the best song Taylor Swift has ever written? ›

According to a report from Billboard, Simon's induction included a video montage, where Swift appeared on-screen and said she considered “You're So Vain” to be “the best song that's ever been written.” She also added, “That is the best way anyone has addressed a breakup, it's amazing.”

Is Taylor Swift a billionaire? ›

Swift is currently worth US$570 million ($824 million) according to Forbes, and estimations by Billboard say that she stands to gain about the same amount from the upcoming tour.

What is Taylor Swift's favorite song she wrote? ›

Taylor Swift Says This 'Midnights' Track Is One of Her 'Favorite Songs' She's Ever Written.

How many #1 songs has Taylor Swift had? ›

Taylor Swift Only Has Eight Billboard Number One Hits In Her Career.

What was Taylor Swift's first song that made her famous? ›

Swift sang her opening line: “He said the way my blue eyes shine put those Georgia stars to shame that night/I said, 'That's a lie. '” Of course, that became “Tim McGraw,” Swift's debut single released 10 years ago on June 19, 2006.

What is the most unpopular Taylor Swift song? ›

The Worst Taylor Swift Songs
  • Big Machine | 2007. Santa Baby. ...
  • Big Machine Records | 2017. End Game (feat. ...
  • Taylor Swift | 2022. No Body, No Crime (feat. ...
  • Big Machine Records | 2017. So It Goes. ...
  • Universal Pictures | 2019. Macavity. ...
  • Big Machine Records | 2014. Bad Blood. ...
  • Big Machine Records | 2010. ...
  • Taylor Swift | 2019.

What is Taylor Swift's favorite color? ›

Favorite color? Red, duh. Best year or her life? 22 of course.

What is the oldest song on Spotify? ›

Believe it or not, the oldest song on Spotify is actually the oldest song in the world. Titled “The Hymn Of Ugarit,” the track is a modern recording by Al-Pha-X of what is the oldest known piece of music ever discovered. The song dates back to 14th century B.C.E. and was discovered on a clay tablet in the 1950s.

Who has the most #1 hits in history? ›

The Beatles, unsurprisingly, lead the way with a record 20 No. 1s, all earned between 1964 and 1970.

What is the most downloaded song of all time? ›

Most Downloaded Songs Ever
  • Hum Tumhen Chahte Hain - From "Qurbani"Kanchan, Manhar, Anand.
  • Chhu Kar Mere Manko - From "Yaarana"Kishore Kumar.
  • Pyar Manga Hai Tumhi Se - From "College Girl"Kishore Kumar.
  • Hothon Se Chhu Lo Tum - From "Prem Geet"Jagjit Singh.

What is the shortest #1 song? ›

The Shortest Hot 100 Hits

While it just misses the second list above, Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs' “Stay” is the shortest No. 1: just 1:38 in length. The classic led the Nov. 21, 1960, Hot 100.

What female singer has the most number one hits? ›

Mariah Carey (USA) has topped the US Billboard Hot 100 singles chart on 19 different occasions.

Who has the most #1 hits on Billboard? ›

The Beatles haven't released a new studio album since 1970's Let It Be, but the foursome certainly made their mark in music history — decades later, the group still holds the record for the most No. 1 songs in the history of the Billboard Hot 100, with a total of 20 chart-toppers.

Who was the first Swiftie? ›

fun fact: she's Holly Armstrong aka the first Swiftie ever!

What is a Billie Eilish fan called? ›

However, one thing that might shock you is that her fans don't have an official name or title. While BTS has the ARMY and Taylor Swift has Swifties, Billie's fans are simply Billie Eilish fans! Originally, her fans were jokingly referred to as “Avocados,” and even Billie herself now cringes to hear this.

What percent of Swifties are male? ›

Who makes up Taylor Swift's global audience? A quick report from Audiense shows that out of Taylor's audience: 55.28% are female, 44.72% are male. 18.80% are aged between 13-17.

Who has written the best song ever? ›

Best Song Ever
"Best Song Ever"
LabelSyco Columbia
Songwriter(s)Wayne Hector John Ryan Ed Drewett Julian Bunetta
Producer(s)Julian Bunetta John Ryan Matt Rad
One Direction singles chronology
12 more rows

What is one of the best songs ever written? ›

The Top 50 most iconic songs of all time
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana.
  • Imagine - John Lennon.
  • One - U2.
  • Billie Jean - Michael Jackson.
  • Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen.
  • Hey Jude - The Beatles.
  • Like A Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan.
  • I Can't Get No Satisfaction - Rolling Stones.

What was Taylor Swift's biggest performance? ›

With her 2018 Reputation Stadium Tour, she topped her own grossing and attendance counts set during the 1989 World Tour, including a record $14 million take from 107,550 sold tickets at Levi's Stadium.

Who is wealthier Beyonce or Taylor Swift? ›

Who is richer, Beyoncé or Taylor Swift? As of January 2023, Taylor Swift is estimated to be wealthier than Beyoncé.

Is Taylor Swift the highest paid singer? ›

On Tuesday, the Midnights singer-songwriter ranked at No. 9 on Forbes' annual list of the highest-paid entertainers in the world — having earned $92 million in 2022 — making her the only woman to appear in the top 10. Swift's reported income stems from album sales, streams, licensing and sync deals.

Who is richer Taylor Swift or Kanye West? ›

According to Forbes, Swift has a networth of around $570 million. Compare that to the $400 million that West is worth, according to the same outlet, and Swift has already passed the controversial artist and designer.

What does the number 13 mean to Taylor Swift? ›

I paint this on my hand before every show because 13 is my lucky number; for a lot of reasons," she explained. "It's really weird." Not only is it the day she was born on in December 1989, but over the years it has become so much more. "I was born on the 13th.

Is there a clean version of folklore? ›

THIS IS THE CLEAN VERSION! A beautiful collection that gets better with repeated listening. The somewhat girly voice is gone replaced by a mature , near spoken tone that perfectly suits the brilliant lyrics and subtle music ,.

What is Taylor Swift's favorite movie? ›

When asked in May 2019 what her favorite movie was during a round of "Burning Questions" on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Swift chose Netflix's "Someone Great.

What is Taylor Swift's longest running number one single? ›

1 Single, With Eight Weeks on Top. “Anti-Hero” has officially become Taylor Swift's biggest single to date by at least one metric: It's topped the Billboard Hot 100 now for eight non-consecutive weeks.

What is the oldest Taylor Swift song? ›

"Tim McGraw" is the debut single by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, who wrote it with Liz Rose for her self-titled debut album.

Who is the only singer to fill all top ten spots on Billboard? ›

Taylor Swift Becomes the First Artist to Claim All Top 10 Spots on the Hot 100 As 'Midnights' Tops the Billboard 200 | Billboard News.

Who is the youngest solo artist to go platinum? ›

With the 2010 holiday release of her O Holy Night EP, Evancho became the best-selling debut artist of 2010, the youngest top-10 debut artist in US history and the youngest solo artist ever to go platinum in the US.

How many cats does Taylor Swift have? ›

Taylor Swift Has Three Cats

Swift's three cats are named Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson and Benjamin Button.

What is Taylor Swift's signature song? ›

A Star's Melodic Signature: Melody: Taylor Swift—“You Belong with Me” | Switched On Pop: How Popular Music Works, and Why it Matters | Oxford Academic.

What is the least popular song ever? ›

1StarshipWe Built This City
2Billy Ray CyrusAchy Breaky Heart
3Wang ChungEverybody Have Fun Tonight
4Limp BizkitRollin
46 more rows

What has Taylor Swift been criticized? ›

For example, many of the complaints against Swift revolve around the men in her life. Whether it's claiming that she's had too many boyfriends, that all her songs are written to put exes who have wronged her on blast or that at a certain point she must be the problem, these criticisms have followed her for years.

What is Taylor Swift's best selling? ›

Swift became the first artist to have the best-selling album of a calendar year six times (Fearless in 2009, 1989 in 2014, Reputation in 2017, Lover in 2019, Folklore in 2020, and Midnights in 2022).

What is the most expensive music video Taylor Swift? ›

Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" is one of the most expensive music videos in history with approximately $12 MILLION budget. It was a cultural reset. What's a thinly-veiled swipe at your tabloid nemesis worth?

What is Taylor Swift's favorite fruit? ›

Taylor's favorite fruit is banana. No wonder she cries over it before 🍌😭 | By Swifters | Facebook.

What is Taylor Swift's Favourite Emoji? ›

Her answer: "The thumbs up, the wide-eyed surprised-face emoji (go figure), and I think it's pretty important to send a random Santa emoji to people without any explanation at all.

What is the skin color of Taylor Swift? ›

Don't Judge by skin colour.

It is a very popular misconception that ladies with dark skin must be warm tones and ladies with pale skin have cool tones. This is so untrue. Think Taylor Swift ( pale skin but Warm skin tone) and Kim Kadarshian ( Dark skin but Cool Skin Tone).

Who got a GRAMMY for folklore? ›

As Swift collected the 12th GRAMMY of her storied career, this victory came from a video she had single-handedly directed; it also marked the first time an artist won the category for a video they directed solo.

What record did folklore break? ›

Folklore has broken many other records including the Guinness World Record for the biggest opening day for an album by a female artist on Spotify after it was streamed more than 80 million times in a single day.

What GRAMMY did folklore win? ›

Taylor Swift has won the 2021 Grammy Award for Album of the Year for her eighth album, folklore. She won the award over HAIM, Post Malone, Black Pumas, Jhené Aiko, Jacob Collier, Coldplay, and Dua Lipa.

Did folklore get any GRAMMY nominations? ›

Her eighth studio album, Folklore, won Album of the Year at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, making Swift the first woman and fourth artist overall to win the prize thrice. She was awarded the BRIT Global Icon Award in 2021, her second BRIT win, for her impact on music worldwide.

Who has won a Grammy 3 times? ›

Three-time winner Stevie Wonder who won in 1974, 1975 and 1977. Three-time winner Paul Simon who won twice as the main credited artist, in 1976 and 1987. Taylor Swift is the first woman to win two and three times as a lead artist, in 2010, 2016 and 2021. U2 is the only group act to win twice, in 1988 and 2006.

Who is the highest Grammy winner? ›

Beyoncé made history at the 2023 GRAMMYs by becoming the artist with the most GRAMMY wins — ever — when she won the GRAMMY for Best Dance/Electronic Music Album for her 2022 album, Renaissance. Beyoncé now counts 32 total GRAMMY wins.

Who is the oldest Grammy winner? ›

Oldest winners

Pinetop Perkins is the oldest person to win a Grammy. In 2011 he was awarded with Best Traditional Blues Album for Joined at the Hip, at 97 years of age. 1985, Best Ethnic or Traditional Folk Recording, Elizabeth Cotten Live!

Did Folklore or Evermore do better? ›

“evermore” does everything "folklore" does, but does it better. “evermore” as an album gives us the pain felt in a relationship, every single hurtful feeling. If there is something you want to feel deeper in the process of a breakup or ending to a situationship, there is a song on “evermore” for it.

Which band broke the most records? ›

Guinness World Records holds that Iron Maiden has the most songs — 51 — featured in video games than any other metal artist.

Did Evermore or Folklore win a Grammy? ›

Evermore was nominated for Album of the Year at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards, a second consecutive nomination for Swift in the category after winning it with Folklore the previous year. Dessner and Long Pond have achieved mainstream notability since Evermore's release.

Who won song of the year 2023? ›

More Stories by Katie. And just like that, Bonnie Raitt has another Grammy to her name. In an upset win, the icon won the 2023 Grammy award for song of the year for “Just Like That” on Sunday (Feb. 5).

Who won Album of the Year 2023? ›

Harry Styles Wins Album of the Year at the 2023 Grammys: 'This Doesn't Happen to People Like Me' "There is no such thing as best in music," the star said of his win.

Who was the first first lady to win a Grammy? ›

Ella Fitzgerald truly lived up to her nickname "First Lady of Song," being the first woman to receive a Grammy at the inaugural 1959 awards. About a decade later, she became the first woman to be honored with the Recording Academy's lifetime achievement award.

Who refused a Grammy? ›

Long before Kendrick Lamar, Ariana Grande, Drake, and Childish Gambino's refusal to perform at the Grammys, and ahead of Jay-Z and Kanye's skipping of the ceremonies (despite collecting multiple awards), Sinead O'Connor, whose 53rd birthday is this week, became the first musical artist to say “no” to The Recording ...

Do Grammy pay winners? ›

Formally, there are no cash prizes associated with winning a Grammy award and even selling the statue is against the rules of the Recording Academy, the organization that presents the awards.

Who holds the most nominations without a Grammy? ›

Rappers Busta Rhymes and Tupac both have at least one nomination but zero wins.
  • Brian McKnight has 17 nominations but no wins. ...
  • Snoop Dogg has been nominated for 16 Grammys, but he has never taken home the prize. ...
  • Björk has been nominated 16 times. ...
  • Martina McBride has racked up 14 nominations since 1994.
Feb 6, 2023


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