Zelda: Breath of the Wild - How to Build Tarrey Town (2023)

There are plenty of towns, villages, and stables littering the mapthat provide playersa reprieve from theiradventures in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. While they are a boon for those attempting to navigate the wilds of Hyrule, most offer only basic comforts.

Vendors you encounter will typically provide much of the same -- spare a few original armor sets and unique storeshere and there.Even shopping for basic necessities, such as arrows, will have players hopping from town to town in an attempt to buyfrom limited supplies of stock.

Those fed up with this routine should invest sometime in building Tarrey Town, a useful new hub that provides some of the most convenientand unique shops in Breath of the Wild. Additionally, finishing this questline and completing the town will reward players with a few other useful perks, such as access to a super secret special vendor.

Purchase a Home

The first thing players will want to do is buy a house; the steps of which have been conveniently laid out in our guide to homeownership. It's not a lengthy questline, but it can be a tad costly if you haven't figured out a solid strategy for make rupees yet.

The Road to Tarrey Town

Once the deed is signed, the real first step to building Tarrey Town begins.Bolson and his crew are still sitting around the cooking pot just outside your newly purchased home. He will inform the player that one of his workers, Hudson, is about to leave for another project.


Speak with Hudson -- he's the one with the tall mushroom-likehair -- and he'll tell you that the construction business isplanning anexpansion tothe Akkala region.After a round of questions, Hudson will decide to get started immediately and take off, but not before inviting you to find him. This will begin the side quest 'From the Ground Up'.

Tarrey Town is (or will be) sitting on a raised island in the middle of Lake Akkala, in the southern part of the Akkala region and just north of Zora's Domain. There is a shrine to the south and a Sheikah Tower to the west for convenient travel.

Walk along the natural stone bridge or glide down to Tarrey Town, which at the moment is just a Goddess statue surrounded bylargeboulders.It's not much now, butit will evolve over time intoa real, functioning town.

From the Ground Up

Speak with Hudson, who will be there picking away at one of the boulders.He will tell you the budding village doesn't have enough supplies and asks the player to gather 10 bundles of wood, which can be easily gathered in the surrounding area. Be prepared to do this often, as more wood is required for each step.

After gathering supplies, Hudson willdiscuss his struggles with the rocks and requests someone with brute physical strength to help out.Not only is Link tasked with providing building materials, but now he is also in charge of recruitment. There's one catch with his request, however. According to the Bolson Construction policy, all recruitnames must end in "son".

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Greyson the Goron

Hudson suggests looking for a Goron to help with the boulders, as theirrace is all about rocks.Head to the Southern Mine, located at the southern base of Death Mountain.Look for Greyson,who is busy mining in the area. He won't want to talkuntil nightfall, when he's on his break. Speak with him near the cooking pot after darkand learn that he is sick of digging and is looking for a way his strength can make a difference. Let him know he could be useful in Tarrey Town and he'll pack up and head that way. You should do the same.

Upon arriving, you'll notice the town has already begun to change. There is a new house and a new vendor, Pelison, who is Greyson's younger brother. He'll be selling rare ore, such as diamonds, sapphires, and the like. If you have the rupees and need the precious stones, this is a much more convenient option than breaking openore deposits for a chance atthese rare items.

Rhondson the Gerudo

Speak with Hudson again, and he'll inform you he'll need 20 bundles of wood before proceeding. Deliver the goods and learn thatHudson needs a tailor. He suggests a Gerudo, which means you're heading to the desert.

Make your way to the Kara Kara Bazaar during the day and look for a Gerudo lounging under a canopy next to the inn named Rhondson. She is a master tailerwho is looking to settle down. Luckily, Tarrey Town is just the change of scenery she's craving and she packs up a leaves shortly after her invitation.

Now, head back to Tarrey Town and see that it has changed once more. Rhondson has opened up a clothing store that offers the Desert Voe armor set, which is a male version of the Vai armor set used to sneak into Gerudo Town.

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Fyson the Rito

Hudson needs more wood and requests 30 bundles this time.Onceyou hand over the supplies, hewill bring up the next recruit. The town needssomeone to run a general store, who can also retrieve and deliver supplies. Hudson believes a Rito can fulfill that role well.

Head to Rito Village and find Fyson sitting in an area near the entrance, sighing loudly to himself. He's sick of having to listen to his mother and wants to open up his own shop. Inform him of his business options in Tarrey Town and he'll be on board. Head back and you'll notice that thefledging town now has a general store with Fyson at its helm.

Here, players can buy bundles of arrows of all types, except ancient arrows. This makes shopping for arrows much easier when you just want to buy in bulk and be on your way. No more town hopping is necessary to stock up. Praise Hylia!

Kapson the Zora

Do a little shopping at your new store if you wish, but eventually go strike up another conversation with Hudson. He'll have a slightly larger request this time, asking for 50 bundles of wood.

Get the job done and hand them over to Hudson. He'll tell you he's become engaged to Rhondson and needs a priest to officiate the ceremony.

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Head to Zora's Domain and speak with Kapson, who should be on the top level near the back of the Zora capital. He'll express a desire to meet engaged couples. Tell him about the recently betrothed pairin Tarrey Town and he'll head that way immediately.

Back in Tarrey Town, Kapson has opened up an Inn withinone of the newly built houses. It's free of charge, so rest your weary head whenever you feel like it.

The Wedding

Hudson and Rhondson are getting hitched,butbefore the ceremony can begin Hudson asks that you seek outhis colleagues and invite them. Go back to Hateno Village and make your way back to your recently purchased home, where Bolson and Karson are stilllounging by the cooking pot. Invite them to the festivities and then meet them back at Tarrey Town.

Once the vows are exchanged, strike up another conversation with the happy couple. Hudson will thank you for all of your hard work and reward you with three pieces of diamond ore.

Congratulations! Construction on Tarrey Town is now finishedand the quest 'From the Ground Up' is officially complete.However, there is one morereward forcompleting these objectives.

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Secret Shopkeeper Granté

Rest for the night at the Inn and the next morning head up the stair to the outside deck. There you'll meet Granté, who has set up shopselling rare armor. Essentially, he sells items that you can only get once, but that can also be lost. For instance, if you get rare armor from a shrine, such as a Rubber armor set piece, and then accidentally sell it or loseit, you can buy it again from Granté -- for a fairly high price, of course.This may not sound all too great untilyou get your Hylian Shield knocked out of your hands, or accidentally drop that Tunic of the Wild you worked so hard for.Then he can be an absolute lifesaver.

Now that Tarrey Town is finished, players have access to abrand new town hubpacked withoriginal vendors selling rare items, as well as afree place to crash. If nothing else, it makes arrow shopping a breeze.


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